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Recently added recordings include:

  • H-1B RFEs in 2017 and Strategies for Responding: What’s Trending?
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    With immigration attorneys experiencing a significant increase in requests for evidence (RFEs) on H-1B petitions in 2017, getting an H-1B approved is becoming more challenging than ever. Our panel of experts will focus on the latest H-1B RFE trends immigration attorneys have been seeing in 2017, and will provide strategies, tips, and tricks for successfully overcoming these RFEs. The panelists also will help immigration attorneys understand the current climate in H-1B adjudications in order to better position their clients for success.
  • J-1 Waiver Essentials
    The J-1 two-year home residency requirement can be a devastating block to those who wish to apply for a change of status or adjustment of status in the United States, or obtain a new immigrant or nonimmigrant visa at a consulate. With few exceptions, most J-1 exchange visitors with the INA §212(e) home residency requirement must file a waiver before they can apply for another status or visa. Join our expert panelists for a discussion of the essential elements of a J-1 waiver and the latest issues facing exchange visitors.
  • Advanced Topics in Motions to Reopen
    While the INA allows for the reopening and rescission of orders of removal upon the filing of a motion to reopen, courts are continuing to place restrictions on the ability of noncitizens to reopen their cases in the "interest of finality to court processes." The panelists will address advanced topics in filing motions to reopen with the immigration court and the Board of Immigration Appeals. These topics include overcoming the time and numerical limits on motions to reopen, motions to reopen in absentia orders of removal, Lozada motions based upon ineffective assistance of counsel, joint motions, sua sponte motions, due diligence, prejudice, and appealing denials of motions to reopen.
  • Consular Processing 360 Under the Trump Administration
    Dramatic changes in consular processing under the Trump administration has only just begun. Extreme vetting has started. Clients are experiencing significant delays in administrative processing and problems obtaining L-1 blanket extensions. Our panel of experts discusses these issues and offers advice on how to prepare clients in advance in an effort to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • 2017 Update on Special Immigrant Juvenile Issues
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    The Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJ) application is an excellent and relatively fast affirmative or defensive alternative for qualified juvenile immigrants. However, several roadblocks have recently arisen, including: retrogression of the EB-4 visa category for Salvadoran, Guatemalan, and Honduran juveniles; the increasingly overwhelmed family courts; and USCIS giving stricter scrutiny of the SIJ family court order. Our panelists will discuss how to help your SIJ client in this increasingly challenging environment.

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