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Recently added recordings include:

  • Acquired and Derivative Citizenship
    Sometimes your client doesn't even know they are a U.S. citizen! Our panel of experts will discuss the various ways your client can automatically become a citizen, and include an overview of both acquired and derivative citizenship. Panelists will share tips for determining which requirements your client is subject to, and the practical concerns that arise when applying for a passport or certificate of citizenship.
  • Advanced Ability-to-Pay Issues
    An essential component of filing the I-140 petition is the employer's ability-to-pay the beneficiary's proffered wage. If the employer currently employs and pays the beneficiary, at minimum, the proffered wage, then demonstrating this can be straightforward. However, in many instances this is not the case, which brings up unique challenges in establishing ability-to-pay. Our panel of experts will discuss advanced issues relating to ability-to-pay, and examine what practitioners should consider when preparing an I-140 petition.
  • Advanced Issues for Blanket L-1 Petitions
    Preparing a successful initial or amended corporate blanket petition can be a cumbersome task. Our panel of experts will discuss strategies, recent developments and trends in adjudication, and dealing with limited availability of corporation documentation. They also will provide tips for dealing with challenging requests for evidence and ensuring that clients understand the importance of supplying the correct type of evidence. Finally, panelists will identify strategies for preparing successful blanket applications for employees.
  • Non-Court Removal Orders: Expedited, Stipulated, Reinstated, Oh My!
    Our panel of experts will discuss the various ways your client can be subject to a removal order issued outside of standard removal proceedings. Panelists will provide an overview of who is subject to these summary removal proceedings and what they entail. They also will share tips for challenging these removal orders and the underlying proceedings.
  • Getting Ready for H-1B Season FY 2019: Filing Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid
    USCIS has released data indicating that, thus far, H-1B approvals were significantly down in fiscal year (FY) 2018. The FY 2019 H-1B cap-subject quota season will open on April 1, 2018, so it's time for immigration attorneys to get ready for the H-1B season! Our expert panelists will discuss the lessons learned from FY 2018, and review recent H-1B adjudication trends in light of the "Buy American and Hire American" Executive Order and the 2017 USCIS Computer Programmer Policy Memorandum. In addition, in order to equip practitioners with best practices and filing strategies, our speakers will identify pre- and post-filing tips to help successfully navigate the increasingly complex H-1B process.

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