Take Action Tuesday: DHS and DOL Must Provide Immediate H-2B Cap Relief

It has been nearly eight weeks since President Trump signed the FY2018 omnibus spending bill that includes a provision to provide limited cap relief to H-2B employers, but DHS still hasn't released the additional H-2B visas.

Help escalate pressure on DHS and DOL by contacting your lawmakers to ask that they urge DHS and DOL to release the additional H-2B visas as permitted by the FY2018 omnibus bill.

Engage your community by sharing this Think Immigration blog post about the issue and AILA's Take Action on social media with these sample tweets:

  • Don't leave American businesses without the temporary workers they need. Make your voice heard on #H2B cap relief! https://goo.gl/bnUcGi
  • For our #economy to thrive, American businesses need to fill their workforce. Tell Congress to urge DHS to release additional #H2B visas now! http://www.aila.org/takeaction#/45
  • .@DHSgov Secretary Nielsen, American businesses need to fill their workforce for our economy to thrive! It's time to begin processing #H2B petitions as permitted by law. http://www.aila.org/takeaction#/45