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Featured Issue: Immigration 2017 - A New President and Congress

Post election, AILA members and stakeholders are facing calls from those who are afraid of what the coming year may mean for their families, their businesses, their communities, and themselves. For more than 70 years, AILA members have stood alongside our clients, helping them realize the American dream and overcome the obstacles created by our immigration laws. In furtherance of our mission to advocate for a fair and reasonable system, and to promote justice for immigrant communities, we’ve created this resource page to help our members and the public continue that fight in the coming years. To that end, below you’ll find a set of materials, sorted by topic and type, that may be used to answer a client’s question, present to a community group, educate a legislator, speak to a reporter, or write an op-ed. If you have suggestions for additional tools or resources that should be developed, or pulled from another organization and shared with AILA members, please send an email to

Advocacy and Community Resources:

If you are a member of the public seeking legal information or advice, we encourage you to seek the assistance of an immigration attorney. Only a licensed attorney in good standing or an accredited representative working for a BIA-recognized organization is authorized to provide immigration legal services. Talk to someone who is qualified to give you legal advice, and trust information only from reliable sources, such as AILA or reputable non-profit organizations. To find an AILA attorney near you, visit AILA’s Immigration Lawyer Search, our online referral service.

Analysis and Statements:

Media Tools:

Effective Lawyering Under the Trump Administration

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals:

NSEERS/Special Registration

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