Daily Immigration News Clips – February 20, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on February 20, 2018


AP Trump revives push for limits on immigrants bringing family

NPR Immigrants Are Scrambling To Submit Petitions For Family Members To Come To U.S.
By John Burnett

NPR For Every High Profile Immigration Stay, Dozens Leave New England
By Cassandra Basler

Wall Street Journal Inside an Immigration Roundup
By Alicia Caldwell

New York Times Congress Struggles for Path Forward on Immigration
By Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Thomas Kaplan

Outside the Beltway With Congress On Recess, The Fate Of DACA Looks Grim
By Doug Matakonis

Cronkite News Congress takes a week off as DACA deadline looms, Dreamers fret
By Philip Athey

Politico Flake plans new push on Dreamers
By Burgess Everett

The Hill The 14 GOP senators who voted against Trump's immigration framework
By Jordain Carney

The Hill Congress punts fight over Dreamers to March
By Jordain Carney

Daily Intelligencer Trump's Position on Dreamers Is Indefensible - and He Knows It
By Eric Levitz

Vox DREAMers are at risk because of Donald Trump. Period.
By Dara Lind

Slate Enough
By Jim Newell

HuffPost What Happened To Norma's Brain?
By Roque Planas

Wall Street Journal Immigration Officials Audit More Than 100 California Businesses
By Alicia A. Caldwell

Splinter ICE Allegedly Puts Woman in Solitary Confinement to Get Her to Recant Claims of Sexual Assault
By Clio Chang

Politico How white nationalists fooled the media about Florida shooter
By Shawn Musgrave

NPR How Immigration Could Motivate Democrats In 2018
By Asma Khalid

Daily Intelligencer Why Rural America Controls the Debates Over Guns and Immigration
By Ed Kilgore

New York Times (Editorial) Donald Trump and the Undoing of Justice Reform

The Washington Post (Editorial) Mr. Trump to the 'dreamers': Drop dead.

New York Times (Op-Ed) Senators, Dreamers Have Been Watching You
By Antonio Alarcon

The Washington Post (Op-Ed) Congress has failed on DACA. Here's what must happen now.
By Senator Jeff Flake

The Washington Post (Opinion) Trump and Republicans will own this disaster
By Greg Sargent

HuffPost (Opinion) Congress Has Several Options For Protecting Dreamers But Chooses To Do Nothing
By Juan Escalante

Washington Post (Opinion) The way Trump talks about 'chain migration' is spiritually bankrupt
By Andrew Haile


NPR Why Employers In Georgia Are Watching The Immigration Debate Closely
By Joel Rose

Idaho Mountain Express Amid debate, valley immigrants feel vulnerable
By Mark Dee

NBC News In Houston, outrage over a school arrest that landed a student in immigration detention
By Suzanne Gamboa

Houston Public Media Attorney For Dennis Rivera-Sarmiento Asks HISD To Help His Client Avoid Deportation
By Al Ortiz

Kansas City Star 'Devastated' Kansas chemist arrested by ICE can only see family through jail windows
By Joe Robertson and Ian Cummings

ABC 13 Undocumented dad speaks out about fears of deportation
By McKenzie Kiehnlein

Lancashire Independent News Senate Fails To Pass Bipartisan Immigration Bill After Veto Threat
By Elias Hubbard

Akron Beacon Journal (Editorial) No Dreamer deal, says the dealmaker

The Buffalo News (Opinion) My View: Get to know an immigrant
By Diane Evans