Daily Immigration News Clips – January 23, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on January 23, 2018


U.S. News & World Report ICE Puts Employers in its Crosshairs
By Alan Neuhauser

Marketplace Radio Reducing legal immigration means hiring challenges for some companies
By Amy Scott

Wall Street Journal Congress Passes Three-Week Spending Bill to End Shutdown
By Kristina Peterson, Janet Hook, and Natalie Andrews

The Washington Post White House shutdown strategy: Keep Trump contained
By Ashley Parker and Josh Dawsey

CNN Juan Escalante on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper

Roll Call Liberal Groups Urge Democrats 'Stand Strong' on Shutdown
By Bridget Bowman

The Atlantic The Democrats Relent
By Russell Berman

Newsweek Schumer Shutdown: Who is the Democrat Republicans are Blaming for Bringing the Government to a Halt?
By Chantal Da Silva

Vice News Senate Democrats cave on DACA and vote to reopen the government
By Alex Thompson

Reuters Pence blames Democrats for U.S. shut down, welcomes reopening

New York Times Stopgap Bill to End Government Shutdown Passes Congress
By Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Wall Street Journal Three Warning Signs for Republicans in WSJ/NBC News Poll
By Joshua Jamerson

The Washington Post Senate breaks budget impasse, paving way for government to reopen
By Robert Costa, Erica Werner, Ed O'Keefe, and Elise Viebeck

Politico Liberals livid after deal to end shutdown
By Elana Schor

Politico Congress votes to end shutdown
By Seung Min Kim, Burgess Everett, and Elana Schor

Politico White House fires back at senators who say Trump's priorities aren't clear
By Louis Nelson

Politico White House defends Trump's role in shutdown talks
By Louis Nelson

CNN Progressives fume after vote to end government shutdown
By Eric Bradner, Gregory Krieg, Tal Kopan, Manu Raju

CNN Winners and losers from the government reopening
By Chris Cillizza

The Hill Left says Dems caved on shutdown
By Rafael Bernal

The Hill Pelosi rejects McConnell's DACA offer
By Mike Lillis

The Hill Trump: Democrats have 'come to their senses'
By Jordan Fabian

The Hill 2020 Democrats vote against Schumer deal
By Jonathan Easley

Roll Call Montana's Jon Tester Breaks With 2018 Red-State Democrats
By Simone Pathe

NBC News Trump has been missing in action in the shutdown fight
By Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, and Carrie Dann

The Guardian Government shutdown: Democrats back bill to end deadlock
By Lauren Gambino, Ben Jacobs, and Sabrina Saddiqui

Los Angeles Times Essential Politics: Whether you call it the Schumer shutdown or Trump shutdown, there's plenty of blame to go around
By Christina Bellatoni

Vox 3 winners and 2 losers from the deal ending the government shutdown
By Andrew Prokop, Dara Lind, and Sarah Kliff

HuffPost Democrats Agree To Reopen Government Without Protections For Dreamers
By Elise Foley, Arthur Delaney, Igor Bobic, and Matt Fuller

HuffPost The Case For The Democratic 'Cave'
By Matt Fuller

Time The Shutdown Ended Because Democrats Lost Their Spine
By Philip Elliott and Nash Jenkins

Bloomberg Politics Trump Aides Kelly, Miller Draw Fire for Fanning Shutdown Fight
By Justin Sink and Jennifer Jacobs

McClatchy DC Bureau Feinstein 'very disappointed' in deal to end shutdown
By Emily Cadei

FiveThirtyEight.com The Government Shutdown Effect: Big In The Short Term, Small After That
By Harry Enten

Mother Jones Liberal Activists Are Furious That Democrats "Caved" on the Shutdown
By Tim Murphy

Daily Beast Dems Fold on This Shutdown, But the Next One Could Be Worse
By Gideon Resnick, Andrew Desiderio, and Sam Stein

Weekly Standard Senate Reaches Agreement to End Shutdown Without DACA Fix
By Haley Byrd

Talking Points Memo WH On GOP Lawmakers: 'They're Not Paying Attention' To Trump's Demands
By Matt Shuman

The Mercury News Here's why Sens. Feinstein and Harris voted against re-opening the government
By Casey Tolan

Washington Times Likely 2020 Democrats oppose deal to reopen federal government, citing Dreamers
By Seth McLaughlin

Associated Press (AP) Pence Defends Trump on Disparaging Comments About Africa
By Ken Thomas

Reuters Trump says to make immigration deal only if good for U.S.: White House

Wall Street Journal How a Heated Immigration Debate Might Affect Grandma's Care
By Gerald F. Seib

The Washington Post 'Language as a weapon': In Trump era, immigration debate grows more heated over what words to use
By David Nakamura

CNN Lindsey Graham: Time for the 'Gang of 60'
By Tal Kopan

The Hill White House: Senators who say Trump is unclear are 'not paying attention'
By Morgan Gstalter

The Hill Key Trump aide sees 'significant progress' in immigration negotiations
By Mallory Shelbourne

The Hill Immigration hawk: Trump backs 'limited amnesty' for illegal immigrants
By Scott Wong

Roll Call Republican Senators Look to Get Out Front on Immigration
By Joe Williams

The Guardian The 'hardass', the 'racist' and the 'crazy uncle': how the first Daca deal derailed
By Tom McCarthy

Vox The immigration negotiations Congress just gave itself three weeks to do, explained
By Dara Lind

Bustle What's Happening With DACA? The Senate Promised Action For Dreamers
By Joseph D Lyons

Morning Consult Support for Democrats' DACA Strategy Grew During Government Shutdown, Polls Show
By Eli Yokley

Los Angeles Times DACA recipients temporarily block Disneyland entrance as an act of civil disobedience
By Hailey Bransen-Potts and Cindy Carcamo

The Atlantic 'An Assault on the Body of the Church'
By Emma Green

New York Daily News Polish doctor living in U.S. since age 5 detained, faces deportation
By Brian Lisi

The Independent Donald Trump's immigration bureau detains doctor living in US for 40 years
By Maya Oppenheim

The Week Trump's immigration crime hotline is the debacle critics feared it would be
By Peter Weber

Financial Times Melinda Gates hits out at Trump's 'alarming' immigration views
By Shawn Donnan

Geekwire Melinda Gates denounces Trump's immigration comments
By Monica Nickelsburg

The Washington Post (Editorial) The Jell-O President and the Shutdown

New York Times (Op-Ed) Trump's Anti-Immigrant Racism Represents an American Tradition
By Paul A. Kramer

The Washington Post (Opinion) Republicans are clueless: The pink wave is cresting
By Jennifer Rubin

The Hill (Op-Ed) When Dreamers and black colleges meet, American success stories are made
By Harry L. Williams

The Hill (Op-Ed) California immigrant worker law is a golden opportunity for Jeff Sessions
By Jonathan Turley

The Hill (Op-Ed) Small businesses need a clean DREAM Act - now
By David Borris

Al Jazeera (Op-Ed) Trump and the 'immigrant terrorists'
By Rafia Zakaria

Los Angeles Times (Opinion) The Trump administration can't arrest its way out of our immigration problem

Chicago Tribune (Opinion) Column: It doesn't matter if Donald Trump is a racist. Here's why.
By Dahleen Glanton

Newsday (Op-Ed) The end of our American dream?
By Minda Hernandez

The Week (Opinion) Government shutdowns are the new normal
By Matthew Walther


Sacramento Bee California employers caught between feds and state on immigration
By Anita Chabria

KCUR Immigration Court Backlog Raises Due Process Concerns In The Era Of Trump
By Laura Ziegler & Dan Margolies

CBS Los Angeles Fundraiser Held For Dad Who Faces Deportation After Being Picked Up By ICE

WGCU Immigration Raids And The End Of TPS; How Miami Has Become A Hub Of Illegal Gold
By Luis Hernandez

Rare Chicago Groups march through Chicago in support of a clean DREAM Act
By Amelia Finefrock

AP Company scraps plan for Indiana immigrant detention center

New York Daily News Politicians demand answers about NYPD role in immigrant rights activist's arrest
By Erin Durkin

Arkansas Online (Op-Ed) Mr. Trump, don't abandon base
By Christopher Buskirk

Lowell Sun (Op-Ed) George F. Will: Most immigrants aren't going home. They are home
By George Will