Daily Immigration News Clips – January 29, 2018

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on January 29, 2018


The Washington Post Lawmakers call on Trump to drop bid for legal immigration cuts
By David Nakamura

Elle How an Army of Women Lawyers Formed to Protect Immigrants in the Trump Era
By Mattie Kahn

NBC News Legal immigration, now under threat from White House, key to reuniting U.S. families
By Suzanne Gamboa

The Hill What is the diversity visa lottery?
By Rafael Bernal

NPR A Father, A Husband, An Immigrant: Detained And Facing Deportation
By Ari Shapiro, Sam Gringlas, and Christina Cala

Marketplace Radio What limiting legal immigration would do to our economy
By Amy Scott and Peter Balonon-Rosen

The Hill Trump immigration plan hits wall of opposition
By Scott Wong and Rafael Bernal

The Guardian Trump proposes path to citizenship for 1.8m undocumented youths
By Sabrina Saddiqui and Lauren Gambino

Splinter White House Floats Radical Curbs to Immigration in Exchange for Citizenship for Undocumented Youth
By Rafi Schwartz

Los Angeles Times Trump's immigration plan draws harsh reviews from left and right, and some conservatives label him 'Amnesty Don'
By Brian Bennett and Lisa Mascaro

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AP Trump immigration plan draws criticism from top Senate Dem
By Zeke Miller, Jill Colvin, and Alan Fram

The Washington Post Schumer's to-do list: Fix DACA, win the Senate, manage Trump
By Michael Scherer and Ed O'Keefe

The Washington Post Forget Senate negotiators - House conservatives could have the last word on immigration
By Mike DeBonis

The Washington Post Democrats slam White House immigration proposal
By Daniella Diaz, Jim Acosta, Elizabeth Landers, and Tal Kopan

Politico Schumer rejects Trump's immigration proposal
By Burgess Everett

CNN Immigration tops the list of issues for Trump's first State of the Union
By Dan Merica

CNN Trump expresses openness to shifting DACA deadline
By Betsy Klein

CNN Schumer insisted Stephen Miller be kept out of WH immigration chat with Trump
By Veronica Stracqualursi

CNN Call between Stephen Miller and immigration conservatives gets testy
By Dan Merica

CNN Forget the wall, Trump's plan would reshape US legal immigration dramatically
By Tal Kopan

The Hill Senators discuss scaled-back immigration deal
By Jordan Carney

CBS News Reps. Hurd, Aguilar say "narrow focus" needed to pass immigration legislation
By Emily Tillet

CBS News Transcript: Reps. Will Hurd and Pete Aguilar on "Face the Nation," Jan. 28, 2018

HuffPost Chamillionaire Responds To Critics Who Don't Get Why He Helped Mexican Immigrant
By Carolina Moreno

Talking Points Memo Nearly 40 Senators Are Crafting An Immigration Deal. Too Many Cooks?
By Alice Ollstein

Chicago Sun Times Year after chaos of first travel ban, tumult still rules immigration landscape
By Maudlyne Ihejirika

Washington Times Mike Lee says immigration bill should be narrowly focused to ensure easy passage
By Sally Persons

U.S. News and World Report Florida's Migrant Worker Problem
By Noreen Marcus

The Verge Exclusive: ICE is about to start tracking license plates across the US
By Russell Brandom

FiveThirtyEight.com The Media Is Misreading How The Shutdown Blame Game Shook Out
By Harry Enten

The Washington Post (Editorial) Unshackled by the Trump administration, deportation agents discount basic decency

The Washington Post (Editorial) How to get to yes on a deal for the 'dreamers'

Washington Post (Letter to the Editor) Anti-immigration vitriol is rooted in white supremacy
By Lizet Ocampo

New York Daily News (Opinion) The cheap assault on the immigration visa lottery
By Alex Nowrasteh

Morning Consult (Opinion) Trump's Call to End Family Migration and the Impact on Families of Color
By Sameera Hafiz

HuffPost (Opinion) The White House Dreamer Deal Isn't A Compromise. It's A Racist Ransom Note.
By Juan Escalante

The Nation (Opinion) The New Trump Immigration Plan Is Anti-American
By Joan Walsh


Miami Herald Out front or out of sight, Rubio takes Miami heat for immigration work
By David Smiley and Alex Daugherty

Texas Tribune AG Paxton considers suing to end DACA
By Julian Aguilar

Dallas News Trump dangles citizenship for 1.8 million in exchange for $25B border wall, immigration crackdown
By Todd J. Gillman and Katie Leslie

App. Homes of Indonesian immigrants in NJ sanctuary ransacked, advocate says
By Steph Solis

Pix 11 2 dads nabbed by ICE as they drop off kids at NJ school; 3rd takes shelter in church
By Christy Duffie

Dallas News Pressure grows on Texas Sen. John Cornyn to deliver DACA fix
By Katie Leslie

Arizona Capitol Times (Arizona) Legislative staffers say pro-Trump supporters called them 'illegal' for being dark-skinned
By Ben Giles and Paulina Pineda

10 TV (Ohio) Ohio DACA recipient hopes for a solution in the latest immigration debate
By Karina Nova