Daily Immigration News Clips – November 2, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on November 2, 2017


Reuters Tech companies join legal fight in support of 'Dreamers', challenging Trump
By Salvador Rodriguez

Wall Street Journal California, Other States Ask Judge to Keep DACA in Place
By Sara Randazzo

HuffPost Judge Asked To Block Trump Administration's Decision To End DACA
By Roque Planas

Talking Points Memo Trump To Meet With GOP Senators Thursday About DACA Fix
By Caitlin Macneal

Washington Times Sen. Lindsey Graham says cutting Diversity Visa Lottery could be part of DACA fix
By Stephen Dinan

New York Times Diversity Visa Lottery: Inside the Program That Admitted a Terror Suspect
By Miriam Jordan

Reuters Trump calls for end to contentious visa program after N.Y. attack
By Yeganeh Torbati and Jeff Mason

Washington Post Sarah Huckabee Sanders may not know how the immigration program she disparaged actually works
By Philip Bump

Washington Post Here's what you need to know about the Diversity Visa Lottery Program
By Maria Sacchetti

Washington Post 'A Chuck Schumer beauty': Trump calls for end to diversity visa program
By Derek Hawkins, Samantha Schmidt and J. Freedom du Lac

Washington Post Diversity Visa Lottery, criticized after New York terrorist attack, was invented to help the Irish
By Michael Miller

Politico Murphy won't take position on visa program reportedly used by NYC attacker
By Ryan Hutchins

Los Angeles Times After terror attack, Trump is quick to push immigration restrictions and slam his rivals
By Cathleen Decker

CNN Trump demands Congress terminate diversity immigration lottery
By Dan Merica and Tal Kopan

The Hill Trump calls for end to diversity visa program after NYC attack
By Jordan Fabian

New York Times Trump Blames Schumer and Immigration Policies Hours After New York Terrorist Attack
By Peter Baker

Washington Post New York attack suspect's Uzbekistan roots put focus on Central Asia's battle with extremism
By David Filipov and Andrew Roth

Washington Post For Trump, October's two mass killings lead to very different responses
By Philip Bump

Washington Post Trump says he may send New York attack suspect to Guantanamo Bay, is 'terminating' diversity visa lottery
By Philip Rucker

Wall Street Journal Trump Slams Visa Program He Says Gave Entry to New York Attacker
By Alicia A. Caldwell and Laura Meckler

Politico Trump vs. Schumer gets ugly

Politico Trump open to sending New York terror suspect to Gitmo

The Hill Dem senator slams Trump over differences in NYC, Vegas responses
By Julia Manchester

The Hill Gorka: NYC attack reinforces president's work on reforming immigration
By Josh Delk

Associated Press Senator Flake says President Trump off base on immigration claim

By Massoud Hayoun

Voice of America Immigrants From Honduras, Nicaragua Face US Deadline

National Catholic Reporter Trump has put anti-immigrant campaign promises into action
By Maria Benevento

Reuters Mexicans Dismayed by Rise of Trump's Border Wall

Politico Hispanic caucus weighs whether to let Republican join
By Heather Caygle

Bloomberg Border-Wall Bidders Plead for Trump's Help to Fend Off Opponents
By Mark Niquette

NPR Races For Governor Put Trump's Immigration Message On The Ballot
By Joseph Hernandez

CNN Trump administration has sought domestic counterterror cuts
By Tal Kopan

Vice ICE is deporting immigrants who show up for routine check-ins
By Keegan Hamilton

Capital Press Ag groups want Goodlatte bill to address illegal immigrants
By Dan Wheat

Wall Street Journal (Editorial) Trump's Immigration Scapegoat

New York Times (Editorial) While New York Mourns, the President Postures

New York Times (Editorial) After the Terror

New York Times (Op-ed) The Trumpification of Ed Gillespie
By Thomas Edsall

New York Times (Op-ed) America Is Not a 'Center-Right Nation'
By Eric Levitz

New York Times (Opinion) Immigrants Are Not the Enemy, They Are Us
By Jim Dwyer

New York Times (Op-ed) Why the 'Diversity Lottery' Needs to End
By Peter Schuck

New York Times (Op-ed) When Is It Terrorism? How a 'Simple' Question Divides a Nation
By Max Fisher and Amanda Taub

New York Times (Op-ed) A Terrorist Attack in Real America
By Bret Stephens

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump responds to terror attack with petty tweets and demagoguery
By Greg Sargent

Washington Post (Opinion) Trump never misses an opportunity to miss the point
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion, The Fix) Many New Yorkers don't want solidarity from those who regularly bash their city
By Eugene SCott

Washington Post (Opinion) The Democrats' use of the race card does real harm
By Ed Rogers

Washington Post (Opinion, The Fix) Trump's New York attack response fits his pattern after a crisis: Cast blame and get political
By Amber Phillips

Washington Post (Opinion, The Fix) Trump is getting his counterterrorism talking points from 'Fox & Friends'
By Callum Borchers

The Atlantic (Opinion) The Tragedy of President Trump's Tribalism
By Ronald Brownstein

Bloomberg (Opinion) Trump Rolls Out a Misguided Attack on Skilled Immigration
By Noah Smith

HuffPost (Op-ed) The People Keeping the American DREAM Alive
By Jim Wallis

The Hill (Op-ed) It took a terrorist attack to pull a hate ad in Virginia governor's race
By Laurel Debellis Appell

The Hill (Op-ed) It's time to confirm permanent leadership for Customs and Border Patrol
By Nelson Balido

Mic (Op-ed) Trump is already talking immigration after terror attack. What happened to waiting for "the facts?"
By Emily Singer


Reuters US judge frees Indonesian immigrant held by Trump order

WRAL Oklahoma family says ICE tricked man into being deported

The LAist Why Has ICE Suddenly Started Targeting Cambodian Refugees?
By Julia Wick

Washington Examiner Hispanic Democrats struggle with inviting a Latino Republican into their congressional caucus
By Laura Barron-Lopez

Sunshine State News South Florida Representatives Call for Giving 300,000 Migrants Permanent Residency
By Kevin Derby

Newsmax Democrat Lagging With Minorities in Va. Governor's Race
By Greg Richter

Reuters Trump Forces High-Wire Act for Republican in Virginia Governor's Race
By James Oliphant

Washington Post A week before Election Day, new poll finds tightening race for Va. governor
By Scott Clement and LAura Vozzella

Washington Post For the Democrat in the Va. governor's race, victory may hinge on black voters
By Gregory S. Schneider

Politico Latino Victory Fund pulls Virginia governor ad
By Maggie Severns

Los Angeles Times Virginia tests a likely 2018 election strategy: Racially fraught appeals
By Cathleen Decker

Richmond Times-Dispatch Northam says he'd ban sanctuary cities if one ever appears in Virginia
By Graham Moomah

Washington Times Ed Gillespie's tough stance on immigration helps in final days of campaign
By Seth McLaughlin

Associated Press (California) San Francisco Murder Suspect's Interrogation Played for Jury

WLRN (Florida) Florida Rep. David Richardson Dines With Dreamers And Their Families
By Odalis Garcia

Nevada Independent (Nevada) Attorney General Adam Laxalt, a rising Republican favorite, officially enters 2018 gubernatorial race
By Michelle Rindels

The Davis Enterprise (California) Unitarians stand behind undocumented immigrants with sanctuary church vote
By Kathy Robertson

MLive (Michigan) Chicago pastor to speak in Ann Arbor about sheltering undocumented immigrants
By Ryan Stanton

KQED (California) Oakland Dad Reunites With Family After Lengthy ICE Detention
By Julia Small

Commonweal Magazine (Op-ed) A Campaign of Fear & Division in Virginia
By John Gehring

El Paso Times (Op-ed) Calling on Congressman Hurd to support Dreamers
By Melissa Martinez