Daily Immigration News Clips – November 3, 2017

Aggregated local and national media coverage of major immigration law news stories being discussed throughout the U.S. on November 3, 2017


Newsweek ICE Agents are Allegedly Texting Undocumented Immigrants to Trick them into Deportation Talks
By Linley Sanders

The Hill GOP Leaders Say Immigration Bill Coming 2018
By Alexander Bolton

Wall Street Journal Republicans Won't Include DACA in Year-End Spending Bill
By Laura Meckler and Byron Tau

Associated Press GOP Senator: Fate of 'Dreamers' Must Wait Until Next Year

Washington Post Trump tells GOP senators: Don't include 'dreamers' fix in year-end spending bill
By Ed O'Keefe

Politico Dreamer fix shouldn't be in deal to avoid shutdown, Trump tells senators
By Seung Min Kim

Los Angeles Times Republicans toughen position on legislation to protect 'Dreamers'
By David Lauter and Lisa Mascaro

CNN After meeting with Trump, GOP rules out DACA spending deal
By Tal Kopan

HuffPost Senate Republicans Say Trump Ruled Out 'Dreamer' Protections In Spending Bill
By Elise Foley

The Hill Trump, GOP senators: No DACA deal in spending bill
By Jordain Carney

The Hill Trump lays out demands for Dreamer protections
By Alexander Bolton

Mic House and Senate Democrats line up to shut down government over protections for DACA recipients
By Will Drabold

The Hill GOP lawmaker calls for vote on DREAM Act
By Cristina Marcos

The Hill Schumer predicts bipartisan support for passing DACA fix this year
By Jordain Carney

NBC Analysis: Should Democrats Embrace Identity Politics to Target Latino, Black Votes?
By Stephen Nuno

The Hill Google, Facebook sign legal brief opposing Trump's move to end DACA
By Avery Anapol

In These Times How Trump's Anti-Immigrant Hate Is Galvanizing Hotel Workers to Fight Back
By Bruce Vail

KGW Army veteran served, then struggled; now faces deportation
By Kyle Iboshi

EFE Religious leaders urge Trump to extend the TPS for Honduras and Nicaragua

Wall Street Journal Trump Calls on Congress to Immediately End Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

Washington Post (Fact Checker) President Trump's incomplete history of Schumer and the Diversity Visa Lottery Program
By Meg Kelly

The Hill Trump repeats call on Congress to 'terminate' visa immigration program
By Olivia Beavers

Reuters New Trump Immigration Efforts Aim to Stop Child Border Crossers
By Mica Rosenberg

Reuters Trump's Opponents Race to the Courthouse to Thwart Him

New York Times (Editorial) Mayor de Blasio Has Earned a Second Term

New York Times (Op-ed) We Need the Diversity Visa Lottery
By Machmud Makhmudov

Washington Post (Op-ed) President Trump is responding to terrorism the way demagogues and dictators do
By Terence Szuplat

Washington Post (Opinion) President Trump is the master of abhorrent identity politics
By Eugene Robinson

Washington Post (Opinion) Okay, Trump, let's talk about immigration and 'merit'
By Karen Attiah

Washington Post (Op-ed) The visa lottery wins America goodwill. Ending it is a mistake.
By Carly Goodman

Salon (Opinion) Trump's diversity trap: Immigration fear-mongering vs. jobs
By Sophia Tesfaye

The Hill (Op-ed) In memory of Katie Steinle, it's time to finally shut down 'sanctuary cities'
By Dave Ray

The Hill (Op-ed) America will lose a lot by not advancing the Dream Act
By Father Michael Sheeran

The Hill (Op-ed) No room for amnesty in our government spending bill
By Jenny Beth Martin

The Hill (Op-ed) Guard the US-Mexico border with paper, not walls
By Raoul Lowery Contreras


Cleveland News 5 NYC attack suspect was in the Diversity Visa Lottery program, so what is it?
By Homa Bash

Associated Press Muslims in NJ city fear another backlash after latest attack
By Wayne Parry

Washington Post A familiar anxiety and a fear of backlash in Paterson, N.J.
By Abigail Hauslohner

Associated Press (New Jersey) NJ Residents Receive Anti-Immigrant School Board Ads

Associated Press (Wisconsin) Anti-sanctuary cities bill clears Wisconsin Senate committee

Seattle Magazine (Washington) Most Influential Seattleites of 2017: Jorge Barón and Carlos Rodriguez
By Alison Krupnick

HuffPost (New Jersey) Racist Ads Call For Deporting Asian-American School Board Candidates In New Jersey
By Kimberly Yam

Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania) Judge in sanctuary city case: Philly complies with grant conditions
By Jeff Gammage

Texas Tribune Lamar Smith retiring from Congress
By Abby Livingston

Washington Post Republicans in Virginia and nationwide are using 'sanctuary cities' as a weapon against Democrats
By David Weigel and Laura Vozzella

Washington Post Attack ads multiply in the final days before the Virginia election
By Jenna Portnoy

Catholic Philly Faith leaders push administration to extend protections for immigrants
By Dennis Sadowski

Sacramento Bee Immigration authorities detain Sacramento Cambodians in nationwide sweep
By Anita Chabria

Chicago Sun Times Backers say Berywn grandma no longer in imminent danger of deportation

Detroit Legal News (Michigan) Asked and Answered with Bob Birach

Washington Post (Opinion) Deja vu in Virginia
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (Opinion) 'We're all sick of it': Virginia's election descends into another hatefest
By Petula Dvorak