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Crystal Williams


Crystal Williams is executive director of AILA. She also has been deputy director for Programs, as well as director of Liaison & Information, for AILA, and served with the Policy & Planning office of legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service. Previously, she practiced immigration law in Atlanta. Prior to that, she served as director of the Legalization Assistance/Appeals Project for the American Immigration Law Foundation (now the American Immigration Council). She previously managed such periodicals as Interpreter Releases and Immigration Briefings. She is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center.


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Recent Articles Quoting Ms. Williams

Article: U.S. Reforms Could Slash African Immigration Levels (5/7/2013)
In an interview with Interpress, AILA Executive Director Crystal Williams noted that the proposed elimination of the diversity visa in the Senate bill “isn’t one of our favourite elements of the new proposal, as we think there’s real value in the diversity visa system.”

Article: Amid Renewed Terrorism Concern, Immigration Bill Would Expand Asylum Opportunities (4/22/2013)
In a piece examining immigration and the Boston bombing suspects, AILA Executive Director Crystal Williams noted, “From the information we have now, both of these individuals entered as children. Whatever points of view they developed, they developed in the United States.”

Article: McCain Compares Immigrants, Speeders (2/25/2013)
In the Arizona Republic, AILA’s Crystal Williams called Senator McCain’s recent comparison of undocumented immigrants with speeders, “an almost perfect analogy” for those who overstay visas but noted that the difference “is that the repercussions are so much more profound.”

Video Clips

AILA Quicktake #50: August Recess Ends (9/6/2013)
There are only 40 legislative days before the end of the calendar year and September is filling fast with discussions on Syria, the debt ceiling and government funding. Joining us to discuss immigration reform and how it fits in amongst these issues is AILA Executive Director, Crystal Williams.

AILA Quicktake #39: Prospects for Immigration Reform in the House (7/11/2013)
The House of Representatives' Republican caucus met to discuss prospects for immigration reform following which the leadership released a statement rejecting the bipartisan, compromise bill the Senate passed two weeks ago. AILA Executive Director Crystal Williams joins us to discuss the matter.