Leslie A. Holman


Leslie A. Holman is the Immediate Past President of AILA for the 2015-16 term.

Ms. Holman has been practicing law for 28 years and focusing exclusively on immigration related issues since 1999. She is the founder of Holman Immigration Law, a law firm located in Burlington, VT, and limited to the practice of immigration and nationality matters. She represents both corporate and individual clients.

Ms. Holman has served as the Chair of AILA’s Admissions and Border Enforcement Committee, the Vice Chair of AILA’s National CBP Liaison Committee, a member of AILA’s National Interagency Committee, and she is also the AILA New England Chapter liaison to regional ports of entry.

Ms. Holman is also a member the Vermont State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission of Civil Rights and a board member of the Chittenden Valley Health Area Education Center. In 2008, she was awarded AILA’s distinguished “Sam Williamson Mentor Award.” She speaks frequently to a wide variety of audiences on all aspects of immigration.


Business, Consular Practice, Family, General, Investor, Medical, Naturalization, Waivers.

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