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Advocacy Made Easy

Take Action: Contact Congress with AILA's Advocacy Action Center

Advocates can use AILA's Advocacy Action Center to shape legislative and policy reforms consistent with AILA's principles and priorities. Sending a message or a tweet to lawmakers has never been easier! Visit AILA's Featured Issues page to learn more about the wide range of immigration issues AILA tracks.

Schedule In-Person Meetings

Face-to-face meetings are the most effective way to influence your legislators and build or maintain relationships with them. In the district offices, staff typically handle constituent services and immigration casework and are the legislator's constant connection to their constituents. In the D.C. offices, staff work on legislation, regulatory, and policy issues every day and greatly influence their bosses' positions and votes.

Establish a Relationship With a Congressional Office as an Immigration Caseworker

Get to know your lawmakers immigration caseworker by presenting yourself as a resource on legal immigration matters. Help the caseworker understand the direct correlation between the treatment of immigrants under our outdated immigration laws. This is helpful in achieving advocacy goals!

Host a Congressional Breakfast

Invite Congress member and staff to breakfast, to discuss immigration issues facing their constituencies and hear from them their positions on immigration policy. Breakfasts can be issued all year long to educate and maintain contact with local staff from your local Congressional offices.

Work with your Local Media

Attend Town Hall Meetings

Members of Congress often schedule town hall-style or public meetings in their districts- a great opportunity for AILA advocates to educate and inform Senators, Representatives, and other meeting attendees about the need to modernize our immigration law and policy.

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