AILA Stands with Immigrants Campaign


We encourage you to participate in this social media campaign to show that you and AILA stand with immigrants. Use #AILAStandsWithImmigrants when posting on Twitter and Facebook. Also, use this opportunity to encourage your social media followers to call their Senators and Representatives on various immigration issues. This campaign and hashtag can be used on its own or in conjunction with other campaigns led by other stakeholders!

Twibbon campaign: Sign up for our Twibbon campaign and change your social media profile photos to include our #AILAStandsWithImmigrants graphic.

Facebook: IMPORTANT: Call your Senators and Representatives today and tell them you stand with immigrants and support policies that limit local law enforcement cooperation with ICE, protect asylum seekers, and welcome immigrants. (Or insert another immigration issue)

Twitter: Tell your Senator to stand with immigrants and support [INSERT ISSUE HERE] #AILAStandsWithImmigrants [INSERT GRAPHIC]

Targeting Muslims and Refugees Betrays American Values #AILAStandsWithImmigrants

Posted by American Immigration Lawyers Association on Saturday, January 28, 2017

Call and let your Senators and Representatives know you support immigrants and refugees. #AILAStandsWithImmigrants

Posted by American Immigration Lawyers Association on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

DHS Appropriations Bill Would Fund Trump's Deportation Force

Sample tweets (please use the blue #AILAStandsWithImmigrants graphic)

  • Take Action: Tell Congress to STOP Legislation that Funds Trump's Massive #Deportation Machine
  • The House funding bill includes $1.6B for an ineffective #border wall. Tell Congress to vote NO
  • Tell Congress that @DHSgov funding bill will hurt #immigrants and their communities.
  • To strengthen Trump's mass #deportation force, ICE is getting a whopping 18% increase in Trump's budget. Read more:
  • DHS funding bill irrationally increases #ICE & #CBP funding while cutting DHS programs that are vital to public safety.
  • The House funding bill would grant Trump's request for a bigger #deportation force to deport more #DACA recipients.

Other campaigns underway that would welcome your participation:

For DACA, use #WithDACA or #HereToStay

Share this Tweet

  • #Dreamers are American in every way except immigration status. They deserve a pathway to the American Dream. #DreamAct
  • #Dreamers are educators, engineers, nurses and leaders in their field. They help make America great. #DreamAct
  • Immigration status shouldn't keep anyone from living the American dream. Congress must fix our outdated immigration system. #DreamAct
  • #Dreamers came here as children. Squandering their talents by deporting them to countries they barely remember makes no sense. #DreamAct
  • Deporting #Dreamers would cost the United States hundreds of billions of dollars in lost economic growth in the next decade. #DreamAct
  • Congress has to do its job and fix our outdated immigration system. The #DreamAct is one critical step towards comprehensive reform.
  • DACA is a temporary solution. Congress must step up and meet our responsibility to fix our outdated immigration system. #DreamAct
  • It is Congress's duty to pave a pathway to citizenship for 11 million. The #DreamAct is a necessary step in the right direction.
  • Without #Dreamers, our economy will suffer. We need to pass the #DreamAct.
  • #Dreamers help Make America Great! They're giving back to their communities & driving economic growth. #DreamAct
  • The costs of ending #DACA would stretch far beyond its nearly 800,000 recipients, affecting the entire U.S. economy. #DACAworks
  • #DACA led to a 42% average wage increase for recipients. More money in their pockets means more money spent in their communities. #DACAworks
  • The whole country will suffer if Trump ends DACA. Kicking recipients out of the labor force would cost $433.4 billion in GDP. #DACAworks
  • Ending #DACA would decrease Social Security and Medicare contributions by $24.6 billion over the next decade. #DACAworks
  • Ending #DACA would cause 685,195 DACA to become unemployed, which would cost their employers at least $3.4 billion. #DACAworks
  • #DACA has helped young American DREAMers contribute to our communities and economy. America is stronger for it. #DACAworks
  • President Trump doesn't need to think twice: #DACAworks not just for young people realizing their dreams but for businesses & our country.
  • The only other alternative to #DACA is a lasting solution that gives young DREAMers a path to citizenship.
  • #DACAworks. It has unleashed recipients economic potential: 63% of recipients report got a better job with higher pay.

SB 4 makes Texas unwelcoming for AILA's 2018 Annual Conference

Sample tweets (please use the gold #AILAStandsWithImmigrants graphic)

  • #SB4 makes Texas unwelcoming for @AILANational's 2018 Annual Conference. #AILAStandsWithImmigrants
  • #AILAStandsWithImmigrants and will not host a conference in a state with unjust #immigration laws. #SB4
  • #SB4 undermines our country's principles, which is why @AILANational will not host its 2018 conference in TX.
  • #SB4 is unjust & unfair. @AILANational will not bring its premier event to Texas in 2018. #AILAStandsWithImmigrants
  • .@GovAbbott, because of #SB4, @AILANational will not hold its premier event in your state. #AILAStandsWithImmigrants

Sample Facebook posts (please use the gold #AILAStandsWithImmigrants graphic)

  • By championing SB4 and signing it into law, Governor Abbot has continued the scapegoating of immigrants and the communities that welcome them, rather than acknowledging the immense benefits that immigrants bring to our nation. #AILAStandsWithImmigrants and will not host its largest conference in Texas next year.
  • I'm proud that #AILAStandsWithImmigrants. AILA Executive Director Ben Johnson: "SB-4 is unjust, unfair, and unreasonable and under these extraordinary circumstances, AILA has made the decision that it cannot bring its premier event to the state of Texas."

Texas #SB4 Harms Local Communities

Share the graphics below to let Texas Governor Abbott know SB4 will harm local communities.

Sample Facebook posts:

  • Texas Governor Abbott signed SB4 into law, which becomes effective September 1. SB4 is the "show me your papers" law that will encourage unacceptable profiling of people based on immigration status and will undermine the public safety of local communities. Stand with Texas and say NO to hate and racial profiling.
  • ACTION ALERT: Call Abbott at 855-336-0788 to tell him you don't support his signing of SB4, a bill that will encourage unacceptable profiling of people based on immigration status and will undermine the public safety of local communities.

Sample tweets:

  • #SB4 has no place in America. We stand with Texas immigrants and will fight to make Texas a #SanctuaryForAll.
  • ACTION ALERT: Call @GregAbbott_TX at 855-336-0788 and tell him #SB4IsHate and will harm local communities. #SB4

#SaveTPS for Haitian Nationals

Share AILA's gold graphic to call on the Trump administration to extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitian nationals.

Sample tweets:
  • Ending Haitian #TPS would reduce Social Security & Medicare contributions by $42M per year - that's bad for all Americans. #SaveTPS
  • Thank you @SenBillNelson and @SenatorMenendez for leading bipartisan efforts to #SaveTPS for Haiti Nationals!
  • Ending Haitian #TPS betrays America's history of being a nation of immigrants. #AILAStandsWithImmigrants
  • .@DHSgov: Haiti is still struggling to rebuild after major disasters. Let's make sure we protect families. #SaveTPS

For standing against Trump's EOs, use #NoBanNoWall and/or #SolidaritySelfie

Join the "virtual march." Tweet photos of yourself at @POTUS using the hashtag #SolidaritySelfie!

Here's how to make a #SolidaritySelfie:

  1. Write a short note on a piece of paper - something like "Refugees Welcome," "Here to Stay" or "I stand with immigrants"
  2. Take a picture of yourself with the paper
  3. Tweet the photo of yourself, along with a note, at @POTUS (and at your Member of Congress). Make sure to include the hashtag #SolidaritySelfie!

Here are some suggested tweets, which could be used in various executive order scenarios:

Trump's immigration orders will create chaos, destroy lives and cost a fortune. #NoBanNoWall #SolidaritySelfie

Trump is taking a wrecking ball to our immigration system. We won't stop until we stop him. #NoBanNoWall #SolidaritySelfie

Trump's lies may have gotten him into the WH but we aren't fooled by his "alternate facts." These actions cost lives and money #NoBanNoWall

$25 billion in taxpayer funds could be spent much better than on a racist border wall. #NoBanNoWall

For refugees, use #RefugeesWelcome, #GreaterAs1

Share this petition and encourage others to sign it.

Graphics and sample tweets from Church World Service

@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS Don't stop welcoming refugees. Resettlement demonstrates the best of our values #RefugeesWelcome
@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS Keep America welcoming. Refugee resettlement is a proud American legacy with bipartisan support #RefugeesWelcome
@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS More than 800 faith leaders are opposed to any policy that would keep Muslim refugees from seeking safety:
@realDonaldTrump & @POTUS Christians oppose policies that would deny Muslims refuge and preference Christians:

Tell President Trump #AmericaDoesNotBan Refugees: Action Guide, and a link to social media shareables for each state

From Center for American Progress
Closing the doors on Syrian refugees during a global refugee crisis undermines American tradition #refugeeswelcome

Communities across the US are already working hard to integrate 1000s of Syrian refugees #refugeeswelcome

Now is not the time to shut the doors on "your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" #refugeeswelcome

America should remain a beacon of hope for Syrian & other refugees, not turn them away #refugeeswelcome

From Refugee Council USA
Tweet @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse, and @ your Senators/Representatives: ".@[HANDLE], my community stands w/ ALL refugees! Support refugee resettlement & reject discrimination! #RefugeesWelcome"

For sanctuary cities, use #OurCitiesStandTall

You can also post this petition asking your mayor to defend sanctuary cities.

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