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Selected Recent Opinion Pieces by AILA Members

Some Recent Opinion Pieces by AILA Members:

5 Takeaways From Oral Arguments on Obama's Immigration Action
April 21, 2016, by William Stock, Legal Intelligencer

'U.S. v. Texas' is a masquerade: Opposing view
April 17, 2016, by David Leopold, USA Today

Immigration fuels economic growth in U.S. and Colorado
April 17, 2016, by Alyssa Reed,Denver Post

Needed: Leadership on immigration reform
March 18, 2016, by Benjamin Johnson, The Hill

They were immigration raid victims, Mr. Vice President – we were there
February 4, 2016, by Nadia Anguiano-Wehde, John Bruning, Andrea Crumrine, Alexandra De Leon, and Mary Georgevich, The Hill

Supreme Court Immigration Case Will Have Profound Impact
January 21, 2016, by Stephen Legomsky, Huffington Post

As Court Considers Immigration Action, a Progress Report for Employers
January 20, 2016, by William Stock, Legal Intelligencer

Fearmongering in America
December 14, 2015, by Jennifer Minear, The Hill

Gilman: Asylum-seeking families need help, not detention
December 1, 2015, by Denise Gilman, Houston Chronicle

Op-ed: Refugees are not threats
November 20, 2015, by Doug Penn, Stamford Advocate

Syrian refugee vetting process is tough enough
November 18, 2015, by Tammy Lin, CNBC

America doesn't turn its back on refugees
November 18, 2015, by David Leopold, MSNBC

End the inhumane detention of refugee women and children
October 21, 2015, by Kara Lynum and Michelle Rivero, Minnesota Star Tribune

Op-Ed The refugee tragedy in our own backyard
October 8, 2015, by Holly Cooper and Jayashri Srikantiah, Los Angeles Times

How should we treat those fleeing for their lives?
September 25, 2015, by Cong. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) and Victor Nieblas Pradis, The Hill

We are as rich a nation as those who live among us
September 21, 2015, by Annaluisa Padilla, The Hill

The shocking reality of Donald Trump's plan to deport millions
September 15, 2015, by David Leopold, MSNBC

Opinion: Do we need a shocking image of a dead child to end detention of refugees?
September 15, 2015, by Annaluisa Padilla, Fox News Latino

Letters to the Editor: America's deplorable detention policies
August 10, 2015, by Crystal Williams, Washington Post

What will it take for the Obama administration to budge on incarcerating mothers and children?
August 3 2015, by Kim Hunter, The Hill

Opinion: As immigration debate heats up, don't let the facts be lost in the noise
July 15, 2015, by Annaluisa Padilla, Fox News Latino

My view: Federal immigration laws distort Utah law, and we pay the price
July 13, 2015, by Skyler Anderson, Deseret News

Our Immigration Policies Are Telling Foreign Students To 'Get Out' After They Graduate
June 8, 2015, by Evangeline Chan, Forbes

Guest Voz: Welcome to Dilley, TX: Home of the largest family detention center in the world
June 5, 2015, by Rodrigo Juarez, Jr, LatinaLista

Commentary: Speak out against notario fraud and immigration scams
May 8, 2015, by Christine J. Alden and Maggie Arias, The Palm Beach Post

E-Verify is no panacea
April 24, 2015, by Chuck Tievsky, The Hill

Asylum seekers still stranded in Dilley detention limbo
April 24, 2015, by Michelle Mendez, San Antonio Express News

Opinion: Immigrant women incarcerated with their children in Texas are the real Mamma Grizzlies
April 10, 2015, by Kim Hunter, Fox News Latino

Commentary: Provide driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants
March 4, 2015, by Jeffrey Stewart, Palm Beach Post

5 things to know about the fight over Obama's immigration actions
February 19, 2015, by David Leopold, MSNBC

Letter: Popping cruel myths on 'illegal' Americans
February 1, 2015, by Jeannie Kain, Berkshire Eagle

U.S. should fix visa program to keep top foreign grads
January 26, 2015, by Jordana Hart, Orlando Sentinel

The GOP's latest immigration policy ploy - What could go wrong?
January 15, 2015, by Tony Weigel, The Hill

Being Polite Does Not Diminish Security: The Sometimes Shameful Treatment of Valid U.S. Visitors and Residents
January 9, 2015, by Sandra Grossman, Huffington Post

Opinion: These kids want their freedom for Christmas
December 23, 2014, by Mary Neal, Daniel Thomann, Kim Hunter of St. Paul, and Jennifer Smith, Fox News Latino

Maine Voices: Detention of immigrant women and children is not justified
December 22, 2014, by Amber Attalia and Laura Shaw, Portland Press Herald

Detaining families seeking asylum is just wrong
December 19, 2014, by Careen Shannon, The Hill

SALVADOR: Executive Action on immigration: Controversial but practical
December 12, 2014, by Melissa Salvador, Bay Area Citizen

What Obama's Immigration Executive Actions Mean for the Economy: 4 Key Business Fixes
December 2, 2014, by David Leopold, Huffington Post

Op-Ed GOP could reopen citizenship paths created by Hoover and Reagan
November 27, 2014, by David Funke, Los Angeles Times

Opinion: An immigration attorney’s plea to the media - Stop using the 'L' word
November 24, 2014, by Jennifer Casey, Fox News Latino

Where have our values gone?
November 20, 2014, by Greg Chen, The Hill

The battle over immigration action is only just beginning
November 18, 2014, co-written by David Leopold, MSNBC

Guest commentary: Now is the time for presidential immigration action
November 12, 2014, by Ben Johnson, Contra Costa Times

Immigration Actions: The Law of Unintended Consequences
November 7, 2014, by Jan Brown, Huffington Post

Why is Obama still locking up so many innocent women and kids on US soil?
November 4, 2014, by Stephen Manning and Dree Collopy, The Guardian

A simple immigration fix with a big payoff
November 2, 2014, by Tammy Fox-Isicoff, Miami Herald

Opinion: A 'Tale of Two Artesias,' as told by an immigration lawyer on the ground
October 30, 2014, by Jennifer Casey, Fox News Latino

Opinion: Karnes Detention Center for immigrants – A Hollywood façade of due process
September 23, 2014, by Annaluisa Padilla, Fox News Latino

Detaining immigrant families is shameful
September 11, 2014, by Kate Lincoln-Goldfinch, Texas Tribune

Opinion: A First-Hand Look Inside Artesia, An Immigrant Detention Center In New Mexico
August 20, 2014, by Sarah Perez, Fox News Latino

Help, not detention needed at border
July 23, 2014, by Crystal Williams, The Hill

Matt Salmon is wrong to turn children away
July 15, 2014, by Mercedes Ryden, Arizona Republic

Opinion: President Obama’s Immigration Wait And See Looks To Maximize Political Impact
July 1, 2014, by Matt Kolken, Fox News Latino

U.S. takes steps to catch Canada and Australia in race for talent
June 30, 2014, by Jeremy Fudge, The Hill

Thanks, with criticism
June 13, 2014, by Tina R. Goel, India Abroad

Readers React Detaining immigrants shouldn't be the default
June 4, 2014, by Evangeline Chan, The Los Angeles Times

Immigration and the Courts
May 28, 2014, by Evangeline Chan, New York Times

Congress Must Act and Stop Deporting Our Veterans | Commentary
May 15, 2014, by Margaret Stock, Roll Call

Opinion: Breaking Down The Numbers Of The Immigration System Breaking Our Economy
April 17, 2014, by David Leopold, Fox News Latino

Deportations for Minor Offenses
April 13, 2014, by Geoffrey A. Hoffman, The New York Times

Immigration detainees are in legal limbo: Ken Mayeaux
April 7, 2014, by Ken Mayeaux, The Times-Picayune

Jesus, Immigration, and U.S. Laws
April 4, 2014, by Evangeline Chan, The Wall Street Journal

Republicans must embrace inevitable immigration reform
March 25, 2014, co-written by Mark Shmueli, Orlando Sentinel

Community voices: The cost of doing nothing
March 12, 2014, by Donusia Lipinski, Fauquier Times

Asylum Claims: Dealing With Fraud and Backlogs
February 25, 2014, by Katie Minervino, New York Times

Immigrants benefit Maryland's economy [Letter]
January 13, 2014, by Cynthia Rosenberg, The Baltimore Sun

Ruling Leaves Immigrants With No Real Remedy
January 10, 2014, by Evangeline Chan, New York Law Journal

We need more legal immigration, not less: Guest opinion
November 20, 2013, by Brent Renison, The Oregonian

Fallacies about immigration
November 14, 2013, by Rob Cohen, Lima News

Sunday letters: Immigration lawyer sets the record straight
November 3, 2013, by Charles Foster, Houston Chronicle

Bipartisan Immigration Reform Needed
October 25, 2013, by Grace Chisholm, The Denver Post

Scott F. Cooper: How immigration reform is a key to Michigan's economy
October 22, 2013, Scott Cooper, Detroit Free Press

Immigration positively affects St. Louis
October 16, 2013, by Ryan T. Fitzpatrick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

LTE: Frederick's self-destructive views on immigration
August 19, 2013, by Cynthia B. Rosenberg, Baltimore Sun

Immigration for Same-Sex Spouses in a Post-DOMA World
July 26, 2013, by Scott Titshaw, Huffington Post

We need sensible immigration reform; Operation Streamline must end
July 12, 2013, co-written by Mo Goldman, Arizona Daily Star

Opinion: Supreme Court DOMA ruling opens the door to immigration benefits
July 11, 2013, by Matthew Hirsch, Times of Trenton

Stop using legalization of the undocumented as a bargaining chip
June 19, 2013, by Benjamin Johnson, The Hill

Is balanced immigration reform on the table?
June 1, 2013, by Susan Im, Grand Rapids Business Journal

It’s time to make marriage equality an American tradition
May 30, 2013, by David Leopold, The Hill

Truths And Myths About The Senate Immigration Bill
May 23, 2013, by Bo Cooper, Daryl Buffenstein, and Kevin Miner, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

LTE: The Right Time for Immigration Reform
April 24, 2013, Maya Wilbourn, Denver Post

LTE: Immigration: Let’s have and reward a conscientious debate
April 16, 2013, Howard “Sam” Myers, Star Tribune

Ohio BMV has to let DREAMERs be drivers
March 25, 2013, David Leopold, The Plain Dealer

Next Step for Immigration Reform: Give Detained Migrants Legal Counsel
March 22, 2013, Paul Grussendorf, The Christian Science Monitor

Family Reunification Must Be Part of Immigration Reform
March 15, 2013, Laura Lichter, The Hill

Would immigration reform create jobs and innovation?
February 27, 2013, Susan Im, Grand Rapids Business Journal

LTE: Our current immigration system places far too many obstacles before foreign entrepreneurs
February 19, 2013, Susan Im, Michigan Live

Texas Republicans should join in immigration reform
February 2, 2013, Co-Written by Charles Foster, Houston Chronicle

Do immigration barriers stifle entrepreneurship and our vital STEM workforce?
January 28, 2013, Susan Im, Grand Rapids Business Journal

Abandoning 'Hastert Rule' to get immigration reform
January 8, 2013, David Leopold, The Hill Congress Blog

Matthew I. Hirsch: Immigration reform is in America's interest
January 7, 2013, Matthew Hirsch, The Morning Call

Is 2013 the year for bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform?
December 3, 2012, Dagmar Butte, The Oregonian

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