Educational Program and Day-At-A-Glance

June 21-24, 2017 | New Orleans Marriott and Sheraton New Orleans

AILA gets down to business this June in The Big Easy. A new administration means new changes, new interpretations, and new guidance on the law. Now, more than ever, immigration attorneys need support from fellow practitioners to navigate through the uncertainty of the future of immigration practice. Make sure you're there this June to learn from your fellow colleagues and experts in the field and to take advantage of an information-filled CLE program with over 140 substantive sessions in fundamentals, intermediate, advanced, and masters-level tracks.

Take Advantage of Great Learning Opportunities

  • Participate in Thursday's Late-Breaking Roundtables addressing the latest developments in immigration practice
  • Hear about the new administration's priorities at the Government Open Forums
  • Strategize with AILA National Officers at the Hot Topics Strategy Session
  • Learn New Skills to Advocate for Your Client's Rights in the Crimmigration/Trial Skills Track
  • Receive a bonus pre-conference session*

Don't Miss These Featured Sessions and Tracks

  • Building a Practice Full of Extraordinary Clients
  • Ethical Challenges of Engagement Agreements and Fees
  • Cultural Awareness: How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion "Circumstance-Specific" Offenses: Risks Posed by the Increased Use of this Exception to the Categorical Approach
  • Void for Vagueness: How to Apply Johnson in the Immigration Context
  • Hot Topics in Prolonged, Indefinite, and Mandatory Detention
  • Exposing Expedited Removals and Streamlined Criminal Reentry Prosecutions
  • Preparing and Presenting Central American Asylum Claims: Tips and Tricks for Success
  • Dabbling in a Global Practice: Important Ethical Issues to Consider
  • Interagency Panel on Worksite Enforcement
  • Avoiding Family Feuds: Ethics in Family Practice
  • The Big Easy Entry … Not So Easy: Imperfect Inspections and Admissions
  • Southern Comfort? Complex I-130 Issues
  • Unusual Problems with Birth Documents

*As a special registrant bonus, you will receive the following pre-conference seminar: How to Complete Forms ETA-9141, ETA-9089, and I-140: A Practical Workshop. This pre-conference seminar will not receive CLE credit.