AILA Pro Bono Heroes Recognition Program (Updated 4/16/14)

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AILA Pro Bono Hero Honorees

AILA members have long been known for their community-mindedness and dedication to the provision of expert immigration legal assistance to underserved members of the immigrant population of this country. We all agree that Pro Bono is a part of Professionalism.

And so, AILA is excited to continue this program which was initiated in 2013. It is built to shine a well-deserved light on those among us who are consistently achieving and exceeding their pro bono goals, and who are tirelessly working to promote pro bono service and to further AILA's mission " promote justice, advocate for fair and reasonable immigration law & policy, advance the quality of immigration and nationality law and practice, and enhance the professional development of its members."

Through its quarterly "Pro Bono Heroes" awards, AILA will recognize individuals and organizations from across the country that embody the ethical responsibility to provide pro bono service, through promoting and contributing to pro bono work, taking on complex pro bono cases or handling a significant number of pro bono cases or pro bono hours. Different categories of service will be honored in different quarters. Each quarter AILA will solicit nominations for Pro Bono Heroes from AILA Chapters covering four regions:

  • Northeast (CT, New England, NJ, NY, Ohio, and PA);
  • Southeast (Carolinas, Florida, Georgia-Alabama, Mid-South, Puerto Rico, DC);
  • Central (Canada, Chicago, Indiana, Iowa/Nebraska, Mexico City, Michigan, Minnesota/Dakotas, Missouri/Kansas, Texas, Wisconsin); Bangkok District & Rome District Chapters; and
  • West (Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Northern California, San Diego, Santa Clara, Southern California, Oregon, Utah, Washington).


Pro Bono Hero – Second Quarter 2014

For this Pro Bono Hero, we would like to recognize individual AILA Members who YOU think qualify for the title “AILA Pro Bono Hero,” and therefore deserve to be highlighted. This individual Hero candidate should be a committed, passionate member of the immigration law community who is engaged in providing access to justice to lesser-served members of the immigrant population. This AILA Member should be considered a role model by virtue of their proven generosity with their time and resources, as well being a humanitarian-minded attorney who is actively promoting the elevated professional values which pro bono work entails.

Do you know of a colleague who fits this description? Someone who exceeds it? Nominate an AILA Pro Bono Hero today.

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