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Immigration Practice News, Spring 2011 (Vol. 2, No. 3)

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AILA's Ethics and Practice Management Committee brings you the latest issue of Immigration Practice News on our new, digital reading platform! You can peruse the Spring 2011 edition on your home computer, smart phone, or tablet like an iPad! Just simply click and the viewer will load in seconds. Use the top navigation bar to flip pages, print, search for keywords, share with colleagues, and much more!

For those who have trouble with the new format, a PDF version of the Spring 2011 edition is also available.

In This Issue:

"Easy Steps Toward Sensible Security"
Protecting client information is imperative. Carefully selecting passwords and backup systems can help in achieving client protection. Here are some tips to better ensure clients' security.

"Planning for Death and Disability"
It's difficult to think about, but it is likely that you will face a disability, or worse, at some point in your legal career that will prevent you from practicing. So, what do solo practitioners need to do to prepare for the inevitable? Author Lisa Helen York helps get you started.

"Outsourcing: Weighing the Advantages and Risks"
In the current economic environment and with pressures from clients to reduce or maintain fees, the question arises whether outsourcing certain aspects of immigration case preparation might make sense. Authors Romy Kapoor and Helena S. Younossi weigh the pros and cons.

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