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ICE Raids and Corporate Compliance

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AILA’s Guide to Worksite Enforcement and Corporate Compliance provides an excellent and comprehensive overview of an employer’s responsibilities and strategies for avoiding or dealing with an ICE raid as well as guidance for developing a corporate compliance program.

Rep. Johnson Introduces “New Employment Verification Act” (H.R. 5515)

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 08050538 (posted Feb. 28, 2008)"

On 2/28/2008, Representative Sam Johnson (R-TX) introduced an enforcement bill entitled the “New Employee Verification Act of 2008” (H.R. 5515). This bill, if passed, would create a mandatory electronic employment verification system (EEVS) that would require all employers in the U.S. to query a federal government database to check the work authorization status of newly-hired employees- U.S. citizens and immigrants alike.

Visit Contact Congress to see if your representative is a co-sponsor of the “New Employee Verification Act of 2008."

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