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'Life' Legislation and New H-1B Interim Final Regulations

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 00122102 (posted Dec. 21, 2000)"

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"LIFE" implementation: The President WILL SIGN the "LIFE" provisions on Thursday, December 21. Please go to InfoNet for answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" about the new 245i grandfathering provision--this document will be posted by close of business today, December 21. We will post similar "Frequently Asked Questions" by early January on the late legalization provisions, the new "V" and "K" visas, and the NACARA/HRIFA technical corrections. The INS will be developing its own guidelines for the implementation of these new provisions of law, and we will make those available the moment we receive them. The text of the "LIFE" provisions are posted on AILA InfoNet at:


H-1B ACWIA Regulations: The Department of Labor issued interim final regulations on the previously enacted H-1B ACWIA legislation today, December 20, 2000. The new regulations are very lengthy (150-plus Federal Register pages), and may be slow to download. These regulations are posted on AILA InfoNet at:

Part 1 (

Part 2 (

Part 3 (

We will post a short summary of the new H-1B regulations on AILA InfoNet by close of business Friday. A more detailed analysis will follow in January, and we will prepare comments on the new regulations, due February 20, 2000. Part of the new regulations go into effect immediately, and part go into effect on January 19, 2001.

We will convene nation-wide teleconferences in mid-January on both the "LIFE" provisions and the H-1B interim regulations. Details and registration information for these teleconferences will be made available early in January.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we attempt to keep pace with these late-breaking developments! Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year!

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