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Four Democratic Incumbents in Danger of Losing Their Seats: Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, North Carolina

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North Carolina

Georgia 12th: John Barrow* (D) vs. Lee Anderson (R)
Current Democratic Congressman Barrow has been distancing himself from the President as his district became much more conservative after this year's redistricting. A member of the Blue Dog Coalition and opponent of President Obama's health care law, Barrow is the last Democratic member of congress from the Deep South. Although Barrow has roughly ten times as much money on hand as his opponent Lee Anderson, this race is still very much up in the air.

John Barrow campaign site
From his official Congressional site: "Barrow Named To Top Ten In The House On Fighting Illegal Immigration By NumbersUSA"

Lee Anderson campaign site
From his campaign site: "Stopping Illegal Immigration: On the farm, keeping what you want in and what you don't want out is important. Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong in order to do their job. Over the past several decades, immigration policy has gotten horribly off course and now threatens our national security and our economy.

I welcome any law abiding person to our country who comes here legally and embraces the American culture. But for the sake of our national security, we must secure our borders immediately. Somehow the greatest country on earth, who put a man on the moon, can't build a fence along the border with Mexico? The time for political games is over.

A border fence should be erected immediately. Those here illegally should be sent home. We should enact a common sense guest worker program that allows people to come here for a short period of time to work in jobs such as agriculture and then go back home.

I voted for Georgia's new immigration law, which has been called one of the toughest immigration laws in the country, and I have a consistent, proven record of opposing illegal immigration. Barrow and Obama want to give illegals amnesty, free health care and free welfare. When elected to Congress, I will support policies that secure our borders, protect our national security, and reform legal immigration. I will never support amnesty."

Iowa 2nd: Dave Loebsack* (D) vs. John Archer (R)
All four of Iowa's congressional races are thought to be competitive this year-not a very comforting position for Democrat Dave Loebsack (or for that matter Republican Steve King). The Republican national committee is looking at this as the race to pick up a Democratic seat and have poured quite a bit more money into this campaign than their Democratic national counterparts. Right now Loebsack's weak campaigning skills and lack of cash are hurting him, but many think he will inevitably be able to keep his seat.

Dave Loebsack campaign site

John Archer campaign site

Kentucky 6th: Ben Chandler* (D) vs. Andy Barr (R)
Although Rep. Chandler narrowly won re-election in 2010 (he won by less than 700 votes) in the Republican wave of victories, his polls show him up by double digits in this race. Republican Andy Barr knows how close he came in their last match up, but is facing a significant uphill climb to win this seat. Recently Rep. Chandler's support-or lack thereof-for coal has caused him problems and Andy Barr has been hitting him hard on his support for cap and trade legislation in 2009.

Ben Chandler campaign site
From his official Congressional site: "I believe if you break the law you should be punished. Not only do I think we need to fix the dangerous loopholes in our immigration system, but I am also opposed to giving blanket amnesty to all undocumented immigrants inside our borders. In 2006, I voted for the Secure Fence Act to authorize and construct a fence on our southern border to prevent illegal immigration and keep our borders secure-but that isn't enough. We must continue to strengthen our immigration policies until we secure our borders and successfully account for all foreign visitors within our country.

I strongly support efforts to stop illegal immigration, improve border security, and develop a border management system that enhances homeland security while facilitating legitimate travel and trade. Our immigration system has a number of weaknesses which require greater attention from federal, state, and local governments. I think that first, we need to increase security at our borders and integrate new technologies to prevent known criminals and suspected terrorists from entering our country. Hundreds of miles of our border go unmonitored by either personnel or technology every day. The federal government still needs to hire an additional 2,000 inspectors and develop a new staffing strategy to deal with immigration control issues along both our northern and southern borders. That is why I supported President Obama's decision to send 3,000 National Guard troops to the border and will continue to support increased border patrol.

I also believe that we must work to ensure that US employers do not hire illegal immigrants. That is why I have supported full funding for the E-Verify system, which is a program that checks new hires' eligibility to work in the United States by utilizing Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security databases. In these difficult economic times where employment opportunities are increasingly scarce, the need to verify the eligibility of potential employees is even more important."

Andy Barr campaign site
From an online immigration debate: "Chandler's question for Barr: In these tough economic times, illegal immigration takes critical jobs from American citizens. Will you pledge to support increased funding as I have for the E-Verify program which checks the work eligibility of potential employees?

Barr's answer: On June 24, 2008, you voted against extending the E-Verify program. On June 12, 2009, you voted against an amendment that would have made the E-Verify program permanent. Then, on July 17, 2009, you voted against a ban on funds being used to delay the implementation of a requirement that federal contractors use the E-Verify program. You talk about supporting E-Verify, but unlike you, I will actually vote consistently in favor of it.

A video of Andy Barr answering a question on immigration

North Carolina 8th: Larry Kissell* (D) vs. Richard Hudson (R)
This looks to be one of the best chances for Republicans to pick up a seat in the House as current Representative Larry Kissell had large portions of his Democratic base redistricted out of this district. Republican candidate Richard Hudson, a former Congressional aide, will most likely soon find himself heading to Washington D.C. as the Congressmember from North Carolina.

Larry Kissell campaign site
From his campaign site: "Washington has failed in its primary responsibility to secure those borders and I wanted to see and hear for myself what can better be done to support the efforts being made by the Border Patrol to stem the tide of illegal immigrants coming into our country…Illegal immigration has had a devastating impact on the economy of our state and district," Kissell said. "American citizens need jobs, and we can't continue to allow those who enter the country illegally to take jobs away from Americans, especially at a time when our economy is hurting so badly."

Richard Hudson campaign site
From his campaign site: "Richard opposes illegal immigration in all forms. He believes government should discontinue offering public assistance to illegals to discourage them from coming to America illegally. Richard will fight to build the entire fence along the Southern Border of the United States and believes securing the border is the necessary first step in reforming our immigration policy. He opposes amnesty for illegals and will work to ensure that illegals convicted of crimes are swiftly deported upon the completion of their sentence."

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