Member Survey on Providing Legal Services to Unaccompanied Children

Unaccompanied Children
AILA is seeking members who may be willing (but not obligated) to provide pro bono legal services to unaccompanied children as plans develop to address this humanitarian crisis. Please indicate your interest by completing this survey.


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Practice Resources to Help Children and Families Affected by Humanitarian Crisis in Central America (Updated 9/4/14)

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AILA members and others are mobilizing to provide legal services to the thousands of unaccompanied children and families crossing the southern border of the United States. Below are a number of training materials and resources from both AILA and other organization to assist volunteers in efforts to effectively represent these children and families.

AILA Agora Resources

AILA National Resources

AILA Chapter Resources
  • Video and PowerPoint of training provided by AILA Colorado chapter and Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN) (90 minutes - 7/17/14) (AILA Doc. No. 14072245.)

Reports from the Front Line: Artesia
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