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Draft Letter to MeissnerKeyword MEISSNER INS

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 94101259 (posted Oct. 12, 1994)"

InfoNet Title: Draft Letter to Meissner
Abstract: This is a draft of a letter AILA proposes sending to
Doris Meissner in response to the recent NY Times articles
discussing corruption at INS.  Your thoughts and comments are


                        September 12, 1994

The Honorable Doris Meissner
U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service
425 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20536

Dear Ms. Meissner:

We are concerned about the extensive adverse publicity the Service
is receiving in this week's New York Times.  We are particularly
aggrieved to read of the continuing abuses engaged in before the
Service by "immigration brokers."  AILA has long been concerned at
the proliferation of unlicensed individuals who are encouraged in
their practices of duping thousands of innocent people without
threat of accountability.   Without any threat of punishment or
enforcement mechanism regarding their actions, the result is that
the temptation for fraud is too great, the rewards too immediate,
and the threst of punishment too remote. 

On the other hand, we continue to believe that we must, as an
organization, ensure the best training possible for individuals who
are qualified to provide services to the immigration consumer. 
Providing a complete education to these providers, including
recognized organizations, remains one of our primary goals.

AILA has long held the position that the Service must take decisive
action against the brokers who undermine the efforts of the bar and
other qualified providers.  AILA has worked for years to put a stop
to these unauthorized practices.  Our most recent efforts to close
down the operations of one of the most notorious of such
individuals in Chicago, in fact, were concluded only last week.  If
the Service does not, however, support these efforts with a
universal refusal to work with or accept the work of such brokers,
our efforts will never achieve success.

We take this opportunity to renew our offer to work with your
office to try to hammer out a mutually acceptable position with
regard to the punishment of those unauthorized to perform such
services and to continue to assist in the training of those who are
authorized so that all those with business with the Service may
accomplish it in a complete and efficient manner.

                                    Sincerely yours,

                                    Warren R. Leiden


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