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Nebraska Service Center Processing Time Report (2/28/02)

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Service Center Processing Time Report
Nebraska Service Center

Because of shifting priorities, workload adjustments, available resources, and a host of other reasons, the Processing Time reflected on your Receipt Notice for any given Application/Petition type may not match the Date of Cases Pending Initial Adjudication for the given Application/Petition as reflected on this report.

Application/Petition Type Date of Cases Pending Initial Adjudication
I-90 Replacement Card 1/30/02
I-90-A Saw 2/19/02
I-102 Replacement of Arrival Document 12/17/01
I-129 1/28/02
I-130 Immediate Relative 11/13/01
I-130 Other 2/23/01
I-131 Advanced Parole 2/4/02
I-131 Reentry Permit 12/14/01
I-131 Ref. Travel Doc. 1/31/02
I-140 Immigrant Worker 1/9/02
I-360 Petition for Widow/Special Immigrant 6/1/01
I-485 Adjustment 5/1/01
I-485 Adjustment - Asylee 6/2/98
I-485 Adjustment - Refugee 2/10/01
I-485 Adjustment - HRIFA 11/1/99
I-539 Change/Extend NI Status 2/6/02
I-724 All Waivers 2/16/02
I-730 Refugee/Asylee Relative Petition 12/4/01
I-751 Remove Conditions 9/20/01
I-765 (c)(8) (Initial) 2/11/02
I-765 Employment Authorization - Other 2/7/02
I-765 (c)(9) 2/4/02
I-817 Family Unity 12/10/01
I-821 Temporary Protected Status (TPS) 12/31/01
I-824 Action on Approved Applications/Petitions 9/4/01
N-400 Naturalization - Initial Processing Not Adjudicated

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