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Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill Calling for State & Local Police to Enforce Immigration Laws

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 08042890 (posted Apr. 28, 2008)"

On 04/28/08, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano vetoed HB 2807. The measure would have directed local police and county sheriffs to implement a program to address immigration violations. That provision would have been satisfied in any of three ways: by having a portion of the police force undergo immigration training through an agreement with the federal government, embedding Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers within the local agency or "establishing operational relationships" with ICE.

In a written statement accompanying her veto, Governor Napolitano called the bill "an unnecessary, unfunded mandate to law enforcement" that could cost the state as much as $100 million to implement.

An effort to overturn the Governor's veto failed in the Arizona House of Representatives.

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