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AILA Calls for Case Examples

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AILA members, we need your case examples! As the immigration reform bill moves forward onto the Senate floor, we will use your stories to fight back against bad amendments and support good policies. Here are some of the types of compelling cases we are looking to use:

  • People who would benefit from expanded inadmissibility or deportability waivers
  • People outside the U.S. who would benefit from a waiver to return to be with U.S. citizen family (especially DREAMers)
  • Sympathetic Visa Overstays (especially business examples)
  • Inadmissibility/Deportability Cases especially with minor criminal offenses like drug possession
  • Vulnerable Populations (VAWA, human trafficking, etc.)
  • Aggravated felonies especially with minor crimes
  • People with gang convictions or suspected gang affiliations
  • Sympathetic cases with prior orders of removal or expedited removal Bond or Detention Issues

Submit your case examples using our online form and we will follow up with you. Below are some examples of cases we used for the National Day of Action from AILA members.

To read more about Alexis, Brenda or Nadine’s story click on their picture.

Read Alexis' full story.Read Brendas's full story.Read Nadine's full story.

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