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Immigration Practice News, Spring 2014

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Practice Management Committee and the Practice & Professionalism Center bring you the Spring 2014 issue of Immigration Practice News (IPN) on our digital reading platform! As always, you can peruse the latest edition on your home computer, smart phone, or tablet! Use the top navigation bar to flip pages, print, search for keywords, share with colleagues, and much more!

For those who have trouble with the new format, the PDF version of the newsletter is also available. (Link to attached pdf.)

In This Issue:

Running the Numbers
By Kathleen C. Gasparian
Just what do all these numbers mean? The numbers of your firm have meanings; they are tied to individuals, to applications, to concepts, to success and to defeat. The best numbers tell you what works and what doesn't, show you where you need to focus your energy now and can even help predict the future. So what are the numbers you should be watching for? Find out in this enlightening article.

Marketing Tips for the New Attorney
By Bernadette Ginger McGuire
As a newer attorney it can seem intimidating to market yourself in a geographical area already saturated with large firms and attorneys who have been practicing for many years. But a sound marketing strategy based on your current level of skill and budget will, in the long term, result in a solid client base and a respected reputation. Become that attorney who receives referrals from colleagues, whose caseload consists of returning clients and who achieves recognition for the work you do.

Pro Bono Marketing: How Doing Pro Bono Work Can Be Part of a Marketing Plan
By Douglas R. Penn
Pro Bono activity may fulfill a licensing requirement for a bar admission; it may give an opportunity for an attorney to develop some experience in a different field of law; it may give personal satisfaction. But, pro bono work can also serve a marketing function. This article outlines some of the marketing functions served by pro bono work.

What Do Your Clients Think About You
By Maheen Taqui
Are your clients happy? And, what makes them happy? While some clients may express their sincere gratitude and others may vocalize their utter dissatisfaction, many clients just don't communicate the specifics of whether they were satisfied or not with the firm's services. They simply disappear into the back with the rest of your closed files. And, you may never know what they really thought about you and your firm. In this piece learn ways to find out what your clients really think about you.

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