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Daily Immigration News Clips – July 8, 2014


MSNBC (Video): All in with Chris Hayes: Republicans call on Obama to break law, deport children

Associated Press: AP Sources: Border Policy Requests To Come Later
By Erica Werner and Jim Kuhnhenn

MSNBC: Crisis at the border mounts with surge in unaccompanied minors
By Amanda Sakuma

New York Times: Immigrant Surge Rooted in Law to Curb Child Trafficking
By Carl Hulse

National Journal: The Uncontroversial Policies at the Heart of the Border Crisis
By Fawn Johnson

Associated Press: South Texas Shows Drama Behind Illegal Immigration
By Christopher Sherman

NBC News: Amid Border Crisis, Advocates Talk Next Steps On Immigration
By Suzanne Gamboa

National Journal: What Little Washington Is Doing About the Crisis at America's Border
By Rachel Roubein

Associated Press: White House Says 'Most' Children At The Border Will Be Sent Home
By Charles Babington

Washington Post: Most children illegally crossing the border alone will be deported, White House signals
By David Nakamura and Katie Zezima

The Hill: White House: Most immigrant children will be sent home
By Justin Sink

NPR: Obama To Ask Congress For $2b To Ease Immigration Crisis
By Scott Horsley

Politico: Barack Obama delays deportation change for now
By Seung Min Kim

Roll Call: McCain: Cut Aid to Countries Fueling Immigration Crisis
By Niels Lesniewski

Roll Call: Congressman: American Drug Use Fueling Immigration Crisis
By David Eldridge

Wall Street Journal: Border Crisis Looms Over Obama's Texas Trip
By Carol E. Lee

National Journal: Why Isn't Obama Going to the Border?
By James Oliphant and George E. Condon Jr.

The Hill: Cornyn: 'Puzzling, frustrating' Obama won't visit border
By Ramsey Cox

USA Today: Democrat hopes immigration crisis isn't 'Obama's Katrina moment'
By Catalina Camia

Roll Call: A Tale of Two Congressional Visits to the Southwest Border
By Emma Dumain

Politico: Pol: Migrant centers 'preplanned'
By Kendall Breitman

Daily Caller: Federal Agents With Riot Gear Arriving In Murrieta To Subdue Immigration Protesters
By Katie Frates

Los Angeles Times: Immigration protesters gather in Murrieta but buses go elsewhere
By Matt Hansen

The Atlantic: Behind the Scenes of Obama's Sudden Immigration Reversal
By Major Garrett

Politico: Mark Zuckerberg's immigration push hits brick wall
By Jessica Meyers

Daily Caller: Obama Evades Murrieta Protests Over Border Breakdown
By Neil Munro

Right Side News: Immigration Reform News and Impact on US Homeland Security July 8, 2014

Hot Air: Obama to immigration groups: I'll press my executive power to the limit to spare millions from deportation

Roll Call: Boehner Moving Toward Late-July Vote on Obama Lawsuit
By Daniel Newhauser

Politico: John Boehner hits back at 'so sue me'
By Kendall Breitman

New Republic: Boehner's Anti-Obama Lawsuit Could Seal the GOP's Coffin with Latinos
By Brian Beutler

Daily Beast: Even Conservative Evangelical Support Couldn't Save Immigration Reform
By Jacob Lupfer

Associated Press: Court Blocks Arizona From Denying Driver's Licenses To Young Immigrants
By Jacques Billeaud

The Hill: Court blocks Ariz. from denying driver's licenses to young immigrants
By Rebecca Shabad

Arizona Republic: Arizona's denial of driver's licenses for immigrants: Appeals court overrules state
By Yvonne Wingett Sanchez

La Opinión (Editorial): The politics of immigration

Bloomberg View (Opinion): Obama's Midterm Strategy? Immigration
By Francis Wilkinson

Washington Post (Right Turn): An immigration-reform silver lining?
By Jennifer Rubin

Washington Post (The Fix): Americans don't want mass deportations. But they are sort of okay with increased deportations.
By Jaime Fuller

Washington Post (Opinion): Is Obama going to repeat Bush's mistake?
By Ed Rogers

The Hill (Opinion): Unaccompanied minors and unintended consequences
By Alex Nowrasteh

The Hill (Opinion): John Feehery: Good politics, bad politics
By John Feehery

The Hill (Opinion): Bill Press: A do-nothing lawsuit
By Bill Press

Religion News Service (Opinion): COMMENTARY: Busloads of turned-back immigrants, an image of shame
By Mary Ann Walsh


Fox 4 (Dallas-Fort Worth): North Texas groups, residents seek to help border crisis kids

CBSLA (California): LAPD To No Longer Comply With Feds On Immigration Hold Requests

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri - Editorial): Editorial: Compassion should be the first principle in immigration efforts

New York Daily News (New York - Opinion): Fix these immigration outrages
By Robert M. Morgenthau

Times-Picayune (Louisiana - Opinion): Praying Rep. Steve Scalise will lead on immigration: David Crosby
By David Crosby

News & Record (North Carolina - Opinion): Immigration reform offers many positives
By Jonathan Lewis

Chicago Tribune (Illinois - Opinion): Constitution, not illegal immigration is 'central to our way of life'
By Cal Thomas

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