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Immigration Practice News, Winter 2011 (Vol. 2, No. 2)

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AILA's Ethics and Practice Management Committee brings you the latest issue of Immigration Practice News on our new, digital reading platform! You can peruse the Winter 2011 edition on your home computer, smart phone, or tablet like an iPad! Just simply click and the viewer will load in seconds. Use the top navigation bar to flip pages, print, search for keywords, share with colleagues, and much more!

For those who have trouble with the new format, the PDF version is also available.

In This Issue:

"A Few Exercises in Dollars and Sense"
Bradley Maged offers five 'recession lessons' to keep in mind as the economy rebounds.

"The Importance of Proper Marketing"
Marketing is certainly important for your practice, but more important is that the method you choose matches your skill set, author Helena Younossi advises.

"Creative Compensation in a Down Economy"
Law firms should consider an attorney compensation system that rewards the generation of revenue, author Kirby Gamblin Joseph says.

"Broaden Your Practice Area With the U Visa"
Author A. Renee Pobjecky says the U Visa has become an invaluable tool to aid noncitizens who are the victims of certain crimes.

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