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The Immigrant Children Lawyers Network (ICLN)

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The Immigrant Children Lawyers Network is a group of accredited representatives, lawyers and those providing technical assistance to accredited representatives and lawyers on immigration issues for children.

1. What is the Immigrant Children Lawyers Network (ICLN)?

The ICLN was formed after the April 2006 "Children on their Own" conference in El Paso, Texas that brought together advocates, government officials, and private and public service providers for immigrant children. The ICLN seeks to ensure the highest levels of representation for immigrant children and to coordinate advocacy efforts where needed.

Who can participate in ICLN?

Those who provide direct legal representation to immigrant children before the EOIR and USCIS; and those who provide technical assistance to those representatives;

Where to get more information about ICLN?

Go to U.S. Committee for Refugees & Immigrants? web-page dedicated to ICLN: or the American Immigration Lawyers Association's pro bono page at:

These web-pages show information about ICLN, its nationwide conference calls, working groups, and other activities.

2. ICLN Conference Calls

The ICLN will host nationwide 6 conference calls (bi-monthly). AILA has generously offered to manage these calls through their call conferencing center. The ICLN invites those who fit its membership description to join the first hour-long conference call:

Tuesday, July 11, 2:00 p.m. eastern/1:00 central/12:00 mountain/11:00 pacific

If you would like to join the call, please rsvp to Kathy Moccio of the American Immigration Lawyers Association at Kathy will send you call in information and the access code for the call.

To place an item on the agenda for the call, please email this month's facilitator, Ragini Shah at Due to time constraints, we may not be able to get to all items but will keep them for future calls. The agenda thus far includes:

  • discussion of ICLN?s working groups (see below)
  • an update on litigation (recent decisions? Questions about on-going litigation? Is something ripe for litigation?)
  • an update on comprehensive immigration reform.
  • 3. Working Groups

    On an ad-hoc basis, the ICLN will establish working groups to suit the goals and interests of its participants. The activities of the working groups will be defined by each group. Opportunities will be available for working groups to present at the nationwide conference calls. The proposed working groups to be discussed at the July 11 conference call are listed below. We invite those interested to join!

  • National legislative and administrative advocacy
  • Planning committee for ICLN
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Status