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H.R. 2112 Signed Into Law

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 11181126 (posted Nov. 18, 2011)"

On 11/18/11, President Obama signed H.R. 2112, a measure referred to as the "minibus", containing three of the 12 annual appropriations bills: Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science and Transportation-HUD. The measure also includes a continuing resolution that would fund the remaining government operations through December 16, 2011.

Section 546 of the law would prohibit the use of funds to implement the H-2B Wage Rate Regulation prior to January 1, 2012: "None of the funds made available by this or any other Act for fiscal year 2012 may be used to implement, administer, or enforce, prior to January 1, 2012, the rule entitled `Wage Methodology for the Temporary Non-agricultural Employment H-2B Program' published by the Department of Labor in the Federal Register on January 19, 2011 (76 Fed. Reg. 3452 et seq.)."

Text of Public Law 112-284

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