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Welcome to VOICE 2.0: January/February 2011

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 11011331 (posted Jan. 13, 2011)"

VOICE is proud to kick off 2011 with a new, digital reading platform! Now you can peruse the January/February issue -- along with our archives -- on your home computer, smart phone, or tablet like an iPad! Just simply click and the viewer will load in seconds. Use the top navigation bar to flip pages, print, search for keywords, share with colleagues, and much more! You can learn more about the viewer's functionality in our introduction video.

For those who have trouble with the new format, a PDF version of VOICE is also available.

In This Issue:

"Driving While Undocumented"
Immigration lawyers have witnessed a sharp increase in removals as more undocumented drivers are being pulled over by local and state police on "suspicious factual grounds." by Elizabeth Ricci

"They Said What?"
Catch some of the lowlights of the U.S. House of Representatives DREAM Act debate. Plus: AILA President David Leopold reacts immediately following the Senate's failed vote.

Other Highlights Include:

Welcome to VOICE 2.0!
A Message from Executive Director Crystal Williams

Unsolicited Advice
"How to Find a Job as an Immigration Lawyer (When so Few Exist)" by Cletus Weber

On Appeal
If at First You Don't Succeed …

"Resolution Revolution" by Danielle Polen

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