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New Search Features Now on InfoNet

AILA is adding new features to the InfoNet search to make your research even easier. Users will now be able to search across all AILA databases/websites with one search and do more filtering of their results in the advanced search.

The new features will be rolling out on Tuesday, November 6th.

New search features include:

1) Default search includes new AILA databases
The quick search default search now includes more databases than just InfoNet and Agora. The new databases include the AILAWiki, AILA Slip Opinion Blog and the sites of the American Immigration Council.

2) Advanced Search offers more database options
As part of the the advanced search process you can now choose what AILA databases you want to search. Simply check or uncheck your desired choices. By default InfoNet, AILAWiki, AILA Slip Opinion Blog and the American Immigration Council are checked but users can also add the Message Center and AILA Leadership Blog. These filters allow you to search in as many or as few databases as you'd like. The results that display will indicate if your item is a non-InfoNet result. For example, all results from the Message Center start with "Message Center" followed by the title of the thread.

3) Search within a Featured Topic on InfoNet
New filters for InfoNet allow you to restrict your search area to just a Featured Topic. Having trouble finding a specific case on PERM? Now you can enter search term and restrict the results to just items relating to PERM. There are currently 34 different Featured Topic areas to search within.

4) Show more results per page
Last, but not least, you can now choose how many items you'd like to see on each search results page.

Need help with your searches? Email and we'll be happy to help you out!

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