AILA President-Elect Laura Lichter Discussed Prosecutorial Discretion in a Satellite Media Tour

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 11181124 (posted Nov. 18, 2011)"

AILA President-Elect Laura Lichter was interviewed by several television and radio news outlets in early November 2011 to discuss prosecutorial discretion. In explaining the concept, she highlighted the need for smart, targeted enforcement in order to best utilize government financial and staff resources.

She had two live television interviews: one with ABC (Rochester, NY) and one with Fox (Lubbock, TX). Below is the full line-up of interviews she completed - all in one day! Be sure to take a look at her two TV interview recordings.

  • Health Radio Network (National)
  • WTMY-AM Tampa
  • WHAM-TV Rochester
  • KJTV-Fox Lubbock
  • News Update (National)
  • USA Radio National
  • KPQ-AM Seattle
  • WJSS-AM Baltimore
  • KCTU-IND Wichita, KS
  • CONN TV (Regional-Southeast)
  • WDIS-AM Boston
  • WFIN-AM Toledo
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