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In this edition of Immigration Practice News, discover your avocation, learn to spot red flags before you take on a new client, stretch your professional profile with LinkedIn and much more!


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Immigration Practice News, Fall 2013 (Vol. 5, No. 1)

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In This Issue:

Successful Hiring Requires Focusing on Values
By Navid Dayzad
Finding an employee whose values fit the position is essential. Our values are our invisible drivers which indicate why we take the actions we do. One way to categorize values is as follows: theoretical, utilitarian, social, individualistic, traditional, and aesthetic. Find out which values best compliment you and your prospective hire.

Knowing When to Hire
By Kirby Joseph
Whether you are ready to hire your first employee or add to your existing staff can be a difficult decision and will involve balancing whether you are producing more work than you are able to handle, with the responsibilities and expenses of making a hire. In this article, learn what factors to consider when making your decision.

How to Effectively Manage Your Staff Remotely
By Ruby L. Powers
Remote working arrangements, such as telecommuting and telework, are becoming more of a norm. For employers and employees there are several benefits to telecommuting, which include affordable cost of labor and expertise, an expanded talent pool, boost in employee morale, reduction of carbon footprint, and an improvement in work-life balance. This article shares the insight and perspective of one AILA member who has learned to effectively manage her staff remotely.

Outlook Tips for Immigration Attorneys
By Karol Brown
Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used applications by immigration attorneys. Many AILA attorneys use Outlook for their email, calendar, tasks, and other critical activities. Learn simple and valuable tips for using Outlook more efficiently.

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