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Press Inquiries, Contact:

George Tzamaras
Senior Director of Outreach and Communications

Belle Woods
Manager of Communications

AILA National Spokespeople

AILA's network of national spokespeople includes recognized immigration law experts. To schedule an interview with an AILA national spokesperson, contact one of the Communications team members listed on the right.

For non-media calls please see the Contact AILA page.

2013-2014 AILA National Officers
T. Douglas Stump, EEsq., Oklahoma City, OK, President

Expertise: Business, Consular Practice, Deportation, E-Verify, Family, Litigation, Medical, Naturalization, DREAM Act, Waivers, and Enforcement
Leslie A. Holman, Esq., Burlington, VT, President-Elect

Expertise: Business, Consular Practice, Family, General, Investor, Medical, Naturalization, Waivers
Victor D. Nieblas Pradis, Esq., City of Industry, CA, First Vice President (English, Spanish)

Expertise: Asylum, Consular Practice, Deportation, DREAM Act, Family, General, Litigation, Naturalization, Waivers
William A. Stock, Esq., Philadelphia, PA, Second Vice President

Expertise: Business, Consular Practice, Employer Sanctions, General, Medical, Naturalization
Annaluisa Padilla, Esq., La Habra, CA, Treasurer (English, Spanish)

Expertise: Family, General, Removal, Waivers, Naturalization, Asylum, Deportation
Anastasia Tonello, Esq., New York, NY, Secretary

Expertise: Business, Consular, Family, Investors, Global, U.K., General

Other Executive Committee Members
Laura Lichter, Esq., Denver, CO, Immediate Past President

Expertise: Asylum, Consular Practice, Deportation, Detention, Employer Sanctions, Family, General, LGBT Issues, Litigation, Naturalization, Religious Workers, Waivers

AILA National Office Spokespeople: Washington, DC
AILA Executive Director: Crystal L. Williams, Esq.
Legislation/Congress: Greg Chen, Esq., AILA Director of Advocacy

Media Advocacy Committee
Deborah J. Notkin, Esq., New York, NY, Chair

Expertise: Business (including PERM labor certifications, H-1B, H-2B, and E-Verify), Consular Practice, General, Medical
Peter Ashman, Esq., Las Vegas, NV

Ally Bolour, Esq., Los Angeles, CA (English, Farsi)

Expertise: Asylum (concentrated in LGBT issues), Business, Consular Practice, Family, Investor, Naturalization
Karol Brown, Esq., Bellevue, WA

Expertise: Business, Consular Practice, DREAM Act, Family, Investor, Naturalization
Thomas Esparza, Jr., Esq., Austin, TX (English & Spanish)

Expertise: Family, General, Removal, Waivers, Naturalization, Asylum, Deportation, Removal
Maurice H. Goldman, Esq., Tucson, AZ

Expertise: Business, Deportation, DREAM Act, Family, Naturalization, SB 1070
Ester Greenfield, Esq., Seattle, WA

Expertise: Business, Family, Citizenship, PERM, Labor Certification
Charles (Chuck) Kuck, Esq., Atlanta, GA (English & Spanish)

Expertise: Immigration Reform, Business and Employment Based Immigration, H-1Bs, EB-5s, Removal, Deportation, Asylum, and Federal Court Litigation.
Michael Mandel, Esq., New York, NY

Expertise: Business, Consular Practice, DREAM Act, General, Naturalization
Eleanor Pelta, Esq., Washington, DC

Expertise: Business (including H-1B), Employer Sanctions, General
Joseph S. Porta, Esq. Los Angeles, CA (English & Spanish)

Expertise: Removal Defense, Federal Appeals, Family Based Immigration, Waivers, General
Marcine Seid, Esq., Palo Alto, CA (English & Mandarin Chinese)

Expertise: Business and Employment based Immigration (H-1Bs, PERM Labor Certifications, Investment Visas), Employer Sanctions (E-Verify)
Mark Shmueli, Esq., Takoma Park, MD (English & Spanish)

Expertise: General, Family, Removal, Criminal immigration, Naturalization, Asylum, Military, LGBT issues, Immigration History