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Senate Passes FY10 DHS Appropriations With Immigration-Related Amendments (Updated 7/10/09)

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On 07/09/09, the Senate passed the FY10 Homeland Security Appropriations bill (HR 2892) by a vote of 84-6.

Immigration-related amendments added to the bill include:

Amendment #1371, sponsored by Senator Sessions (R-AL), which would permanently reauthorize the Basic Pilot/E-Verify program and mandate its use among federal contractors and subcontractors. It also permanently reauthorizes the EB-5 program. The amendment passed by a voice vote.

Amendment #1399, sponsored by Senator DeMint (R-SC), which would require the completion of at least 700 miles of reinforced fencing along the southwest border by December 31, 2010. The amendment passed 54-44.

Amendment #1375, sponsored by Senator Vitter (R-LA), which would undo the administration's recent decision to rescind the Bush Administration rule regarding SSA No-Match letters. The amendment was agreed to by unanimous consent.

Amendment #1415, sponsored by Senator Grassley (R-IA), which would allow employers who use E-verify to check the employment eligibility of current employees, not just new hires. The amendment was agreed to by unanimous consent.

Amendment # 1428, sponsored by Senator Hatch (R-UT), which would allow the foreign-born widows, children and parents of citizens who have died to retain their legal status to seek citizenship for two years after the death, and extend the Religious Workers and Conrad 30 programs for three years. The amendment was agreed to by unanimous consent.

The bill will now head to a conference where leaders from both chambers will attempt to reconcile differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill.

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