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New York House Races to Watch

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District 1: Tim Bishop* (D) vs. Randy Altschuler (R)
This District in Eastern Long Island sees the rematch of current Representative Democrat Tim Bishop and Republican Randy Altschuler. The contest in 2012 was not decided until weeks after Election Day and this elections looks to be just as close.

Tim Bishop campaign site
From his official Congressional site: "'I hosted this forum [on DACA] to make sure undocumented young people in our community have the information they need to apply for a chance to legally contribute to our society,' said Congressman Bishop. 'I support the Dream Act, and I stand ready to help young people who want to pursue relief from deportation and the ability to live, attend school, and work legally in the United States.'"

Randy Altschuler campaign site
From his campaign site: "As the grandchild of Polish immigrants, Randy strongly believes that generations of legal immigration has served as an unparalleled source of cultural enrichment and prosperity for America.

At the same time, Randy believes we must secure our borders and stop rewarding illegal immigration. We can't continue to look the other way when companies hire illegal aliens at the expense of unemployed people living here legally and looking for work. Randy supports:

  • Increasing the number of Customs and Border Patrol agents, and providing them with the necessary tools and training to do their jobs.
  • Giving states the flexibility and freedom to address out-of-control illegal immigration that adversely impacts crime rates and local economies.
  • No bail for illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the United States.
  • A prohibition on the granting of drivers licenses, welfare payments or in-state college tuition breaks for illegal immigrants."

District 11: Michael G. Grimm* (R) vs. Mark Murphy (D)
First term Congressman Michael G. Grimm got a bit of a break with redistricting giving him a more conservative district than when he won two years ago; however, he has faced a fundraising controversy that has kept this race squarely in the toss up column. Democrat Mark Murphy hopes to capitalize on that controversy and swing this seat for the Democrats.

Michael G. Grimm campaign site
From his official Congressional site: "'Startup 2.0 is about creating American jobs. Too often we educate the world's best and brightest in STEM fields, only to send them back to countries like India and China to open businesses and compete against us. This bill will keep top talent here in the U.S. to build businesses that hire Americans, and drive U.S. innovation and competitiveness. I thank Senator Moran for his leadership on this legislation in the Senate and thank my colleagues in the House for working together across the aisle for the greater good of the American people and the U.S. economy,'" said Rep. Grimm.

Mark Murphy campaign site

New York 19th: Nan Hayworth* (R) vs. Sean Patrick Maloney (D)
In a wealthier district that tends to be more liberal on social issue and moderate on fiscal ones, freshman Republican Nan Hayworth is up by double digits in recent polling, but that might not tell the whole story. A third party liberal candidate who is garnering about 10% of the vote right now will most likely not be on the ballot come November leaving this race very much anyone’s game. Although Rep. Hayworth voted against the 2010 DREAM Act, neither of the candidates includes immigration as an issues to watch on their websites.

Nan Hayworth campaign site

Sean Patrick Maloney campaign site

District 24: Anne Marie Buerkle* (R) vs. Dan Maffei (D)
Current Republican Representative Anne Marie Buerkle won this seat in 2010 on the "Tea Party" wave and seeks to prove now that she can defend the district for the Republicans. Her challenger, Democrat Dan Maffei, has been preparing for this race almost since he conceded two years ago and will get help from the national Democratic party in what could be a crucial seat pick up.

Anne Marie Buerkle campaign site
From a news article on a town hall Rep. Buerkle hosted: "There were questions about immigration reform. Wayne County relies heavily on farming and the migrant work force. Buerkle said she wanted to make it easier for migrant workers to come and go, but that she was not for amnesty. The process has to be legal and orderly, or it's unfair to the people who waited their turn."

Dan Maffei campaign site
From a Washington Post article: "Maffei advocated tightening controls on immigrants and cracking down on employers who hired undocumented workers. He opposed the George W. Bush administration's proposal to create a guest-worker program; he worried that a broad program could threaten domestic workers' jobs and wages and argued that it be limited to occupations for which there is a shortage of domestic laborers."

District 27: Kathy Hochul* (D) vs. Chris Collins (R)
In May 20122 Kathy Hochul surprised everyone when she won the special election in a conservative district in Buffalo, New York mainly thanks to her ability to make the privatization of Medicare the main issue of the campaign. Now she stands as a vulnerable Democrat looking to protect her seat. Her opponent is a well-known Republican in the region, Chris Collins, the former Erie County executive.

Kathy Hochul campaign site

Chris Collins campaign site

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