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Arizona Passes Law Barring Real ID Compliance

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 08070764 (posted Jul. 7, 2008)"

On 06/17/08, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano signed into law HB 2677, which bars Arizona's compliance with the REAL ID program.

In a letter explaining her support for the bill, Napolitano cited a White House estimate that REAL ID would cost at least $4 billion to implement. But thus far, she said, the federal government has only appropriated $90 million to help Arizona and other states offset those costs.

"My support of the REAL ID Act is, and has always been, contingent upon adequate federal funding," Napolitano wrote. "Absent that, the REAL ID Act becomes just another unfunded federal mandate."

By passing this bill, Arizona joins roughly a dozen states that have vowed not to participate in federal plans for a uniform standard on state-issued driver's licenses and identification cards.

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