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IAWG Announces Release of FY 2004 Annual Report

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Media Note
Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC
January 7, 2005

Interagency Working Group on U.S. Government-Sponsored International Exchanges and Training Releases FY 2004 Annual Report

The Interagency Working Group on U.S. Government-Sponsored International Exchanges and Training (IAWG) announces the availability of its FY 2004 Annual Report. The Annual Report includes the FY 2003 Inventory of Programs, which contains information on 246 international exchange and training programs from 15 federal government departments and 48 independent agencies.

The Annual Report and the Regional Reports are available through the IAWG's website:

The IAWG was created on July 15, 1997, to recommend measures for improving the coordination, efficiency, and effectiveness of U.S. Government-sponsored international exchanges and training. Section 112 (f) and (g) of the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (P.L. 87-256), as amended, (22 USC 2460 (f) and (g)) reaffirmed this mandate and provided a statutory basis for the IAWG's operations.

The IAWG is currently comprised of members from over 20 federal departments and agencies. The Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs serves as the Statutory Chair of the IAWG.

The IAWG's FY 2003 Regional Reports include: East Asia and Pacific, Eurasia (formerly New Independent States), Europe, Near East, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Western Hemisphere. These Regional Reports provide quantitative program and activity information about United States Government-sponsored international exchange and training activities. The reports are a useful tool for overseas missions to gain a better understanding of international exchanges and training activities in their region.


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