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Text of, and AILA Information on, Proposed Terrorism Legislation

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(September 19, 2001 ).”

Dear Colleagues: 

Here is the immigration portion of the Administration's newly proposed "anti terrorism" bill....there is a lot of pressure for Congress to act on this very quickly. Please urge your own Senators and Representatives to avoid over-reaction, erosion of civil liberties, etc. I will send out a further note about strategy later today, after we have reached our Congressional allies. I just wanted you to get this news immediately. The proposed legislation, among other things, would:

**allow the removal without any hearing or evidence of any "alien" the AG certifies he "has reason to believe" may further acts of terrorism as defined in 237a4,

**define terrorism very broadly

**compel mandatory detention for anyone AG certifies

**forbid habeas or judicial review (including under 2241 )

until after a final order

**make it all retroactive

Jeanne Butterfield
Executive Director

Click here to read AILF's summary of the the act

Click here to view the draft of the act (PDF, 328kb) 
[Please Note: only part of the text is currently here, we will post the rest when it becomes available.]

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