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New Document Types and Topics on InfoNet

In our ongoing efforts to make InfoNet an even better resource for members, AILA has re-vamped the types and topics filters. The new organization will make it easier for you to find the documents you want.

Topics are one of the ways that members can customize what they receive through the Recent Postings Alert and the 14 new topics will allow members to select both broader items as well as more targeted areas of immigration law. If you are subscribed to 'All Recent Postings', you will get these new topics automatically. Users who have made specific selections will need to update your choices for the Alert if they want to receive postings with the new topics. (See below for the list of new topics.)

The types selections are getting a complete overhaul with new options. Additionally, previous options have been re-named to more clearly reflect what is found within those types. One struggle long faced by members is remembering whether that USCIS document was a memo, guidance, press release, FAQ or something else entirely. Now all agency materials providing guidance of any kind will be in the new 'Agency Guidance' type. AILA analyzed its search logs and made similar changes across all type filters to better accommodate the way members look for information. See below for a helpful guide to what each new type includes. The change in type filters will impact both the Advanced Search as well as the documents that you receive through the Recent Postings Alert. Like the topics, if you have made your own choices for the Recent Postings Alert e-mails, you will need to update your choices to receive the new types.

Members who have saved searches will need to update their saved searches manually to account for the new types.

The new options are now available on InfoNet.

Please contact with any questions or concerns

New Topics

(for Recent Postings Alerts)

  • Adoption
  • Deferred Action
  • Detention & Bond
  • Employment-Based Nonimmigrants
  • EB-1
  • EB-5
  • Expedited Removal
  • Global Migration
  • Humanitarian Parole
  • National Interest Waivers
  • Special Immigrant Juveniles
  • Special Immigrant Religious Workers
  • State and Local
  • Tax and Social Security
New Types

(for Recent Posting Alerts and Advanced Search)

Cases and Decisions:

** AILA posts select precedent cases and decisions. Members are also encouraged to submit their own cases and decisions for posting to AILA's website at

  • Federal Court Cases - This type includes select immigration-related cases from the Supreme Court, Circuit Courts, and District Courts.
  • DOJ/EOIR Cases - This type includes select immigration-related cases from DOJ, including BIA, OCAHO, and OSC cases and settlements.
  • DOL Cases - This type includes select immigration-related cases from DOL, including Wage and Hour decision and BALCA cases.
  • AAO Cases - This type includes select cases from the AAO.
  • State Cases - This type includes select immigration-related cases from state courts.
  • Amicus Briefs and Alerts - This type includes AILA amicus briefs and alerts created by the AILA Amicus Committee (previously posted as the Slip Opinion Blog).
  • Sample Briefs - This type includes sample briefs.
  • AIC Practice Advisories --This type includes American Immigration Council practice advisories from the Legal Action Center, which provide in-depth discussion and analysis of select substantive and procedural issues in immigration law.

Agencies and Liaison

  • Agency Guidance - This type includes any information coming from a federal or state agency that offers guidance on substantive immigration law. This would include agency memos, cables, letters, frequently asked questions, Q&As, and other items of a substantive nature.
  • Federal Register Regulations and Notices - This type includes immigration-related Federal Register regulations and notices.
  • Regulatory Agendas - This type includes regulatory agendas from the different agencies that touch on immigration issues.
  • Liaison Activity - This type includes postings from AILA Liaison and the AILA national liaison committees including liaison meeting minutes, practice alerts and tips, calls for examples, pointers, and more. Comments to regulatory notices and memoranda are also included.
  • Processing Time Reports - This type covers all processing time reports for USCIS service centers, the National Benefits Center, AAO, and DOL (PERM). Limited historical data on local processing times and lockbox receipting is also available.
  • Visa Bulletins - This type includes current and historical Department of State visa bulletins.
  • Data and Statistics - This type includes immigration-related data and statistics provided by a federal or state agency.
  • Announcements & Events - This type includes non-AILA invitations (such as stakeholder engagements) and non-substantive announcements (like USCIS office closings) from federal or state agencies.

Association Matters

  • AILA Governance - This type includes items related to the governance of the association including election materials, bylaws, meeting minutes, and annual reports.
  • AILA/AIC Announcements -This type includes any news about the association and information about the AILA or AIC National offices.
  • AILA/AIC Events - This type includes any information about AILA/AIC in-person conferences, webcasts, audio/web seminars, and the respective recordings.
  • AILA Publications - This type includes AILA print publications, digital newsletters, and periodicals such as AILA8, VOICE, and AILA's newsletters such as Immigration Practice news, the New Member Division newsletter, the Pro Bono Newsletter, and the Global Migration Digest.
  • AILA Blog - This type includes AILA Leadership blog postings.
  • AILA Audio & Video - This type includes any AILA audio and video postings, including AILA Interview of the Month and podcasts.

Reports & Studies - This type includes immigration-related reports or studies (could either come from a government agency or an outside organization).

Immigration News - This type includes the Daily Immigration News Clips, which pulls together select immigration news stories.

Professional Development

  • Law Practice Assistance - This type includes documents from AILA's Practice and Professional Center and includes assistance on running a law practice (versus substantive assistance, which is found under Agency and Liaison).

Enacted Legislation - This type includes documents related to enacted legislation, including full text of federal, state, and local laws that have been enacted.

Advocacy & Media

  • Advocacy/Media Tools - This type includes advocacy-related issue papers, talking points, and action alerts.
  • AILA Public Statements - This type includes AILA press releases and statements related to advocacy efforts, as well as testimony and correspondence from AILA regarding advocacy issues.
  • Congressional Updates - This type includes testimony, correspondence, press releases, statements, and updates about activities on the Hill.
  • State and Local Updates - This type includes reports and analysis of state and local immigration issues, as well as press releases, correspondence, and related updates.
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