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Brookings Releases Immigration Series Papers

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 09072266 (posted Jul. 22, 2009)"

The Brookings Institution released the first four papers of an immigration series in July 2009. The briefs cover federal policy options in the immigration debate, new factors in achieving immigration reform, immigration trends that have raised the stakes for state and local governments, and the enforcement and administration of immigration laws.

No. 1

"Policy Outlook for Immigration Reform" discusses federal policy options currently "on the table" including legalization, border security, worksite verification, the management of admissions and immigrant integration.

No. 2

"Prospects for Immigration Reform in the New Political Climate" offers a forecast for immigration reform in a new political landscape as growing Latino power, changes in public opinion and recent shifts in the immigration position of various advocacy groups, suggest that forging a new policy is possible. The brief also examines obstacles to be overcome.

No. 3

"The New Geography of United States Immigration" explains new immigrant settlement trends, away from urban centers to a new class of metropolitan areas, which have led states and municipalities to hold a higher stake in the passage of federal immigration reform.


"Seeking Fair and Effective Administration of Immigration Laws" examines how the courts, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security administer justice and enforce immigration laws.

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