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AILA Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

AILA Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Program

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AILA Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Obtaining a FREE, no-obligation, comparison proposal from the AILA Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Program is easy. AILA members can either:

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Even the best-run law firm can be sued. Attorneys in private practice have a 4% to 17% chance of being sued for malpractice each year. As one of several risk management best practices, a lawyers professional liability insurance policy will protect you and your firm from financial loss arising from mistakes or errors and omissions in the course of providing legal advice to your clients.

The goal of the AILA Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Program is to ensure that you have the protection you need both for yourself and your practice. Our program delivers enhanced professional liability insurance coverage protection at a preferred rate not available to non-members.

Here are a few of our featured coverage enhancements - NO additional charge:
  1. Coverage includes
    1. $50,000 for defense of disciplinary complaints
    2. subpoena assistance
    3. pre-claim assistance
  2. Policy includes a broad definition of "professional services," including services rendered as a mediator, arbitrator, or notary public; title insurance agent; speaker, author of legal treatises or lobbyist; and activities as a member of a professional board or committee
  3. Deductible is written on an aggregate basis, as opposed to "per claim"
  4. Deductible applies to indemnity payments only, not defense expenses
  5. Coverage includes up to $50,000 in punitive damages where allowed by law
  6. Loss of Income Reimbursement for attendance at claim hearings, trials, or depositions at the insurance company's request - subject to sub-limits per day/claim/policy
  7. Coverage includes a $50,000 supplemental limit per policy period for the defense of employment practices claims
  8. Firm may recommend defense counsel
  9. Coverage applies to work done anywhere in the world if suit is brought in the US or Canada
  10. Individual insureds are eligible for a free unlimited Extended Reporting Period in the event of death or disability, or retirement after age 55, and three years of uninterrupted coverage with the Hanover Companies
  11. Online risk management tools and resources (risk management website, newsletter, free CLE, alerts and more) to assist you in avoiding errors before they evolve into full-blown expense claims

Contact us to learn more about additional no-costs coverage enhancements and/or optional policy endorsements. Then, compare your current policy and see if you can reduce your total costs of risk, improve your coverage, and/or reduce your current insurance premium.

The AILA LPLI Program is managed by the Leavitt Group, the 3rd largest privately-held insurance brokerage in the nation. The Hanover Insurance Group (and AIX Specialty Insurance Company, a member of The Hanover Insurance Group) is the insurance underwriters for the AILA Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Program. The program is offered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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