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Phone Calls, Petitions, Postcards and General Emails

These are all important ways that constituents express their concerns to elected officials. Use our Take Action tool to send an email right now.

Personal Letters

Personal, handwritten letters are one of the most effective ways to really influence your elected official. Be sure to include your name and address, indicate that you are a constituent, and when possible include a personal story relating to the issue at hand.

Town Hall Meetings

Members of Congress often schedule town hall-style or public meetings in their districts- a great opportunity for AILA advocates to educate and inform Senators, Representatives, and other meeting attendees about the need to modernize our immigration law and policy.

In person meetings

Face-to-face meetings are the most effective way to influence your legislators and build relationships with their key staff members. In the district offices, staff typically handle constituent services and immigration casework and are the legislator's constant connection to their constituents. In the D.C. offices, staff work on legislation, regulatory, and policy issues every day and greatly influence their bosses' positions and votes.

  • Preparing for Your Lobby Visit (AILA Doc. NO. 12012475)
  • Tips for a successful Lobby Visit (AILA Doc. No. 12012472)
  • Background Information for your Lobby Visit:
    "Immigration Resources for the 112th Congress" (AILA Doc. No. 11033060) describes proposals AILA anticipates will be made in the 112th Congress. Many of these proposals may sound appealing-as easy fixes or ways to get tough on illegal immigration-but they would do little to address America's immigration needs. What's worse, in most cases they would cause great suffering to immigrants and their families, add unnecessary costs to the DHS budget, or slow our economic recovery at a time when we desperately need job growth.

Congressional Delegation Meet & Greets

A Meet & Greet is a great way to expand your influence and make contacts with local staff from your local Congressional offices. It's a good chance for AILA members to educate Congressional staff about the latest issues in immigration facing their constituencies and hear from them their bosses' positions on immigration policy.

National Day of Action

AILA's National Day of Action is your opportunity to hit the halls of Congress and bring your experience and insight from the field to Washington, DC. With lobbying training from AILA National staff and with hundreds of other AILA members from across the country this is your chance to educate Members of Congress and their staff about the problems plaguing our immigration system so that they can be more effective in crafting, promoting, and supporting legislative solutions.

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