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Immigration Practice News, Fall 2011 (Vol. 3, No. 1)

Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 11103130 (posted Oct. 31, 2011)"

AILA's Ethics and Practice Management Committee brings you a special edition of Immigration Practice News devoted to social media issues! You can peruse the latest edition on your home computer, smart phone, or tablet like an iPad! Use the top navigation bar to flip pages, print, search for keywords, share with colleagues, and much more!

For those who have trouble with the new format, the PDF version of Immigration Practice News is also available.

In This Special Edition Issue:

"Social Media Poses New Ethical Minefield"
With so much pressure to have an online presence, it is easy for attorneys to forget their responsibility to adhere to their state's rules when using social media.

"Utilize Online Client Reviews to Increase Your Firm's Visibility"
Taking advantage of the marketing value of online client reviews necessitates some strategizing on an attorney's part, starting with, to state the obvious, a record of solid work.

"Texts, Tweets, and Facebook: Drafting Your Firm's Social Media Policy"
Law firms need to protect themselves against the possible negative consequences of an employee's online activities and need to protect client confidential information.

"'Ambulance Chasing' on Twitter?"
For immigration attorneys, "listening" to Twitter users complain about their immigration woes raises a new dilemma similar to that experienced by personal injury lawyers watching an ambulance go by.

"Practice Safe Social Networking To Avoid Conflicts"
Private conversations, whether appropriate or not, are now being relayed to a much broader audience, leaving a digital trail for ethics investigations.

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