AILA Resource Guide: Making the Case for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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Resource Guide

AILA developed the Resource Guide accessible below to foster a greater understanding of the interlocking architectural components necessary to support a realistic and comprehensive overhaul of our immigration system. Here we present an electronic version of the Guide, as well as additional contacts and resources on Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Electronic Resource Guide
Browse or download an easy-to-navigate electronic version of the Resource Guide here.

Public Statements in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Includes sign-on letters, press releases, and statements from a wide range of national organizations and associations in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Immigration Allies
List of national, state, and community groups that, as advocates, activists, and direct service providers, are dedicated to promoting fair and equitable immigration laws and to protecting the rights and interests of immigrants.

Immigration Policy Center
Part of the American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF), the Immigration Policy Center is a "think tank" dedicated to research and analysis about the contributions made to America by immigrants.

Contacting AILA National
AILA Advocacy and Communications staff would appreciate the opportunity to provide further information or answer questions about either the Resource Guide or Comprehensive Immigration Reform. For information on legislation or policy analysis, please contact the Advocacy Department at For media inquiries, please contact George Tzamaras at

Contacting AILA State Chapters
If you would like to contact AILA members in your state, please email the AILA Advocacy Department at

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