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AILA 2011 National Officers and Board Election Results

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AILA is pleased to announce the winners of our 2011 national election of Officers and Directors.

National Officers:

President Elect: Laura Lichter (Colorado)
1st Vice President: T. Douglas Stump (Texas)
2nd Vice President: Leslie A. Holman (New England)
Treasurer: Victor D. Nieblas Pradis (Southern California)
Secretary: William A. Stock (Philadelphia)
Eleanor Pelta (Washington, D.C.) automatically acceded to the office of President 2011-12.

Newly elected directors to the Board of Governors, serving a 3-year term:

  • Dagmar Butte (Oregon)
  • Marcine Seid (Santa Clara Valley)
  • Diane M. Butler (Washington State)
  • Josie Gonzalez (Southern California)
  • Anthony Drago, Jr. (New England)
  • Robert L. "Rusty" DeMoss II (Atlanta)
  • Allen Orr (Washington, DC)
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