Information Officer Assistance Slated to Move to BCIS Customer Service Number

AILA has been advised that BCIS intends to close the Information Officer telephone lines at the service centers and move the function to the BCIS 800 Customer Service Line. Thus, all functions currently served by the IIOs at the service centers will be performed by the Information Officers on the 800 line. For case information, the national IIOs will need to make inquiry at the service center, then re-contact the attorney with the information. This change is projected to begin June 1, 2003.

This change has been planned for some time, and according to the then-INS, was motivated by the service centers’ inability to open a sufficient number of telephone lines for callers to reasonably get through to an officer.

The national 800 number has been in use for specific functions for a few years now. If you have had experiences with using this number—either good or bad—please let AILA know, so that this information can be passed on to BCIS. Send an email to, using “800 number” as the subject line.

Cite as AILA Doc. No. 03040810.