CIR Daily Update 6/26/07: Senate Votes to Reopen Debate on Amendments

On 6/26/07, following a successful motion to invoke cloture, the Senate resumed consideration of amendments to the CIR bill (the former S. 1348, now reintroduced by Senator Kennedy (D-MA) as S. 1639. S. 1639 incorporates the amendments to S. 1348 passed earlier this month).


Cloture vote to resume debate passed, 64-35

“Clay pigeon” amendment introduced by Senator Reid

Summary of Senate Proceedings—6/26/07

Motion to Invoke Cloture

Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) submitted a motion to invoke cloture early this afternoon. A vote on cloture requires approval 3/5 of the Senate, or 60 votes. The vote to invoke cloture on the underlying bill passed, 64-35. As a result, the Senate will resume consideration this week of amendments to the CIR bill, S. 1348.

Following a brief break, Senator Reid asked that time limits be set on each of the amendments that will be introduced and voted on prior to a final vote on the bill later this week. These requests were objected to, so Senator Reid instead introduced a “clay pigeon” amendment: a negotiated package of 27 amendments filed as a single amendment that eventually will be broken into pieces for debate and votes. Senator Reid then asked that the reading of the amendments on the Senate floor be set aside so that debate could begin. Initially, this was not agreed to by members of the minority party—part of a strategy to stall debate and prevent the bill from moving forward, according to Senator Reid. Eventually, however, the reading was dispensed with, and as a result, debate on amendments will begin in earnest tomorrow morning, 10 am.

AILA has posted a tentative list of pending amendments that will be debated and voted on this week.

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