The Tools to Make a Difference: A User’s Guide to Legislation & Advocacy

This brochure introduces AILA members to the Advocacy Department staff, our work, and the tools we've created to help you participate in the battle for meaningful immigration reform.

AILA on the Hill:

The Advocacy Department translates AILA's legislative priorities into action. That action is a mix of affirmative (pressing for positive reforms on business, family, and due process issues) and defensive (seeking to defeat harsh or unwise proposals) efforts. Frequent trips to Capitol Hill (sometimes several times a day) for meetings with Members of Congress and their key aides solidify AILA's position and reputation as an integral player in the immigration policymaking process. Our professional advocates maintain strong working relationships with congressional committee and personal staff to educate them about the practical consequences of existing laws and proposed legislation and to advocate for realistic solutions to policy problems.

But, this small staff of six cannot win immigration reform in Washington, DC on its own. The strength and impact of AILA's advocacy work is amplified by the grassroots support and grasstops efforts of our over 11,000 members. AILA members can engage in the immigration reform movement as individuals or with state and local coalitions to educate their neighbours, community leaders, and elected officials.

Ready to Help? Here are some Tools to Make a Difference!

Use this brochure to navigate our resources posted on InfoNet. You'll learn where to find updated news from The Hill, legislative analysis and summaries, vote records, talking points and position papers. You'll also find out how to use AILA's tools for action such as our Town Hall Toolkit, Contact Congress page, ready made power point presentations, tips for meeting with your members of Congress, and much more.

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