Round-Up of Immigration Related Legislation (August-September 2010)

The following immigration-related bills were introduced into the House of Representatives and the Senate in August and September:

Families First Immigration Enforcement Act (S.3776)

Introduced by Sen. Kerry (D-MA) on 09/14/10
Summary: A bill to provide for safe and humane policies and procedures pertaining to the arrest, detention, and processing of aliens in immigration enforcement operations.


Introduced by Rep. Djou (R-HI) on 09/22/10
Summary: To exempt employment in the mobile amusement industry from the numerical limitation applicable to non-immigrants provided status under section 101(a)(15)(H)(ii)(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act of 2010 (S.3827)

Introduced by Sen. Durbin (D-IL) on 09/22/10
Summary: Authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to cancel the removal of, and adjust to conditional permanent resident status, an alien who: (1) entered the United States before his or her 16th birthday and has been present in the United States for at least five years immediately preceding this Act's enactment; (2) is a person of good moral character; (3) is not inadmissible or deportable under specified grounds of the Immigration and Nationality Act; (4) has been admitted to an institution of higher education (IHE) or has earned a high school or equivalent diploma; (5) from the age of 16 and older, has never been under a final order of exclusion, deportation, or removal; and (6) was under age 35 on the date of this Act's enactment.


Introduced by Sen. Hatch (R-UT) on 09/29/10
Summary: A bill to promote enforcement of immigration laws and for other purposes.


Introduced by Sen. Chambliss (R-GA) on 09/29/10
Summary: A bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide for the temporary employment of foreign agricultural workers, and for other purposes.


Introduced by Sen. Levin (D-MI) on 09/29/10
Summary: A bill to modify the naturalization requirements related to physical presence in the United States for alien translators granted special immigrant status, and for other purposes.

Visa Waiver Program Expansion Act of 2010 (S.16)

Introduced by Sen. Voinovich (R-OH) on 09/29/10)
Summary: A bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to remove the temporary suspension of waiver authority for participation in the Visa Waiver Program and for other purposes.

Note: Each week hundreds of bills are introduced into the House and Senate, and the likelihood of any particular bill moving is usually very small. The bills posted on this page represent all immigration-related legislation introduced this week, not legislation AILA believes is important or likely to succeed.

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